It is so easy being the 30A photographer’s photographer!

Let me explain.  Marianne is a photographer, here in Seaside on vacation this week.  The last thing she wanted to do was work while she is here.  She decided to hire a photographer, and relax, while I took her family’s beach portraits.

beach portraits in Destin

Fun at Family photos!

Thank you for trusting Beach Shutters to be your 30A photographers!

Believe me, I know how hard it is to let someone else pose your family and edit.  No one is more critical of editing style and technique than me.  That is why I am so thrilled, and honored to be this photographer’s photographer while she is on vacation here in 30A.

family photographers in Destin Fl

Marianne & Todd, you can relax, I have got this!

The kids are very accustomed to taking photos with mom.

They knew exactly what to do!  Usually, I have to put the family at ease and instruct the children on how to stand and smile.  Not this time, these kiddos are professional models!  All 5 of them have unique personalities and let them shine without hesitation.

30A family photographers

Hi, it’s me, Micah!

Marianne weighed the options when searching for 30A photographers.

She was traveling with her dad and considered letting him push the button.  She thought Papa could definitely do the work, then she would edit the photos when they got home.  She rethought that one.  It is more important to enjoy the vacation and be completely off duty.

Orange Beach photographers

Family Love! Don’t they remind you of the Bucket List Family?

As a rule, kids listen to a stranger better than a family member.

This rings true in most situations.  Do you ever wonder how the pre-k teacher can get 15 kids to nap at the same time?  I always thought to myself, that is a miracle!  I cannot even get my one kid to take a nap, haha.  The same is true when taking beach pictures.  Kids listen to the photographer, not the parents.

Seaside photography

These kids are professionals! Don’t try this at home, lol.

It is more important to enjoy the 30A experience, and hire the photographers!

Whether you are a photographer, hobbyist, or don’t even own a camera, you should hire a professional photographer at least once in your lifetime.  It takes the pressure off you and the results will hopefully surprise you!

Gulf Shores photography

Mom takes their photos often, can you tell!

Enjoy your Destin, Seaside, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or Panama City Vacation!

Leave the beach picture taking up to us!  Beach Shutters Photography specializes in beach portraits, and we have got you covered!

family beach pictures in Orange Beach

That kid can jump!

professional photographers Orange Beach

That was fun for everyone!