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About Us – Who Is Beach Shutters Photography

Beach Shutters Photography

Cynthia started her photography in the dark room in college working with film cameras and developing photos.  She was an art major and is a fantastic painter also.  Cynthia’s classical education in art gives her work a unique perspective that results in more than your ordinary photo.  Cynthia with some technical help from her husband strives to push the envelope on today’s modern photography techniques.  Her goal is to take colorful photos that show her subjects best characteristics in real life.  She believes that any good photographer can buy all the gear and get some training to take a good photo of everyone formally lined up.  Her objective is to try and get a realistic feeling to her photography which most of the time does not come from formal portrait photos at the beach.  It sometimes surprises her customers how far she will go to get the right shot.  She has been seen diving in the sand, balancing on the rail of a pier, and preforming a rescue swim on a drowning victim during her shoots.

We are so thankful you are here, inquiring about Beach Shutters. thanks for stopping by!  Join us on location, to make your own story!

Provide our customers with High quality photos that they will want to share and save. Our goal is to provide such a quality experience that our customers will want to use us for any of their photography needs.
Set the casual attitude and the photos will look great.
We take your event as serious as you do.
If you like our work please tell your friends. If you don’t, please tell us.

Our Crazy Skills

Photo editing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop 100
Lighting outdoor low light settings 100
Relaxed casual atmosphere 100
Photos that you will want to share 100
Cynthia Stone
Cynthia StonePhotographer
Art is my thing. I always try to think outside the box and apply my creative side.

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