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We are so thankful you are here, inquiring about Beach Shutters. thanks for stopping by!  Join us on location, to make your own story!

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For us Photography is a way of life

Trey and I both see everyday things and think “That would make a great photo”. Photography is just part of our everyday life.

Colorful Sunset
Beautiful Clouds
Perfect Lighting
Sunny Days
Gentle Waves
Sandy Beaches

Hi Friends, I am Cynthia

Beach Shutters Photographer, Orange Beach

Storyteller through natural light photography.

Mom to 4 beautiful humans & a dog.

Married to my best friend.

Love to travel & all things beach!

Hi, I am Trey

Family Photographer, Gulf Shores & OB

Computer Guru.

Camera Junkie.

Catcher of Fish!

About Us

What we love most about Traveling is Capturing the natural beauty of God’s creation.

A Secluded Beach at Blue Lagoon


Palm Tree Farms

Key Largo

The Pass at Alabama Point East

Orange Beach

Sunflowers in the Sunshine State


This is Us!

Let me tell you a little more About Us!

Beach Shutters is a husband & wife photography team based on the beautiful coast of Alabama. We share a love of photography, our family, boating, tennis & our dog, Scout! You can find us at the beach or on the boat if we are not busy taking & editing photos. We both love to travel, especially to the beach, believe it or not. I guess that is how you know you’re a true beach lover… when you live on the coast and vacation at other beach destinations!

We are all About Family.

We still have one little birdie in the nest. Her name is Summer, and if you have taken photos with us during June & July, you have probably met our little assistant. She would rather tag along with us to photos & help tickle babies than stay at home in the evening. I keep telling her she will make an excellent photographer one day. She still says she wants to open a restaurant that serves only sugary things. It will be called “Summer Sweets,” and the way this girl craves sugar, I bet she will make her career dreams come true!

I was an Art Major way back when the photography classes used the darkroom to develop film.

Yes, that was long ago! I am continually blown away as digital technology improves. For this very reason, Trey and I upgrade cameras every other year. By the way, our new 2022 models arrived this week. I am beyond excited! My love of art brings me joy & photographing families is my favorite way to be creative. I am passionate about capturing emotion and have to stop and make myself take a few traditional beach portraits. The images that I treasure aren’t forced, nor can they be recreated. It may be a kiss on the nose or a carefree twirl. These moments let me know our session is going well & my clients trust me enough to enjoy the experience & go with the flow! Examples of our works have been featured in magazines & publications, but most importantly in homes across the USA.

Trey is my techy!

He can fix anything I break and is on call 24/7. He does all of the camera research to be sure that we have the best equipment and can create a pre-set on lightroom that turns an ordinary photo into something extraordinary! His computer engineering background is impressive & I would not be where I am today without the technical support of this patient man. If you are lucky enough to have Trey as your photographer, you will see that he takes his job very seriously. He is so precise with poses, composition, and lighting… all you have to do is show up and smile!

For the most part, if you sign up for a photo session with Beach Shutters, you will meet either Trey or me on the beach. During the summer months, we do hire a 3rd shooter for overflow. If you have ever met one of our assistants, you know how particular we are in choosing the best! This year’s 3rd photographer will be Tyla, once again. She is also a local photographer & we are thrilled to have her on our team!

That is About it for the About Us! Thank you for your interest in our photography, and we hope you use Beach Shutters Photography for your vacation beach portraits this year and always!

Cynthia Stone

About Us Trey Stone Photographer
Cynthia Stone photographer in Perdido Key Florida
Trey and Cynthia Stone About Us