Action photos

Ready to catch some action… in photos?

This is undeniably my favorite style of photography with kids.  I think it just goes with the beach, vacation, and children.  What puts a smile on a kids face more than ready, set, go?  Whether we are playing a game, running or jumping, movement makes it more fun.

photographers Orange beach action photos

It is impossible to run on the beach without a big smile!

Kids show up in vacation mode.

After a day at the beach, and the excitement of a family vacation, it is a good idea to keep the energy flowing.  Fun, candid, lifestyle action photos are perfect for the young, and young at heart.  Check out these examples of vacation photos in Orange Beach, don’t they make you smile!

family beach pictures in Gulf Shores

That tickles!

Lights, camera, action, photos!

With a quick change of the settings and shutter speed, we are ready to rock.  When you reminisce about your childhood, do you picture laughter, running and cutting up with your siblings or cousins?  Capturing these types of images of our kids is just priceless.

Orange Beach vacations

Wow! Impressive beach flip!

Let’s play a game.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get the kids to play, laugh or race.  Catching them doing what they do best is the goal with action photos.  Don’t worry, we will get the most of your family photo session, and having fun doing it.

photo locations in Gulf Shores

Where there is a hill…

Nothing holds a place in our hearts more than photos of our loved ones.

For this reason, I take my fun job very seriously.  I am always looking for better ways to pose families, and fun ways to get even the stiffest grandpas to enjoy a photo session.  Also, let me know ahead of time if you have any suggestions.  With shy kids, we have to take our time and let them warm up.  The same goes for any special needs children or adults, we can cater to your session according to your family’s unique personality.

family beach portraits in Gulf Shores

We have a crawler!

Thank you for reading my blog about action photos.  If you are planning a vacation in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, we would love to capture your beach memories.  Family photography is what we do, and we love it!  To see our more examples of our work, please take a moment to browse our portfolio.

baby photos at the beach

Poppy is a walker, almost!