Hi folks! The beaches are closed in Alabama.

Alabamas governor, Kay Ivey, announced Thursday that all public and private Alabama beaches would be closed until further notice.  Orange Beach was full of visitors just a few days ago, and Spring Break was in full swing. Now it is a ghost town.

Not only are our beaches closed, but restaurants are not open for full business either.

Most are still offering carryout or delivery services, which is great for locals.  But, as far as visitors go, the crowds are gone, and the streets are empty.  If this situation lasts much longer, it is going to put a big dent in the Orange Beach economy.  A large portion of our city’s economy is tourist-related.  Worst of all, March marks the beginning of our season.

Orange Beach Alabama photographers

No one is allowed on the beach except our feathered friends.

Just like you, we are hoping and praying that the closures and self quarantines slow the spread of the virus.

If closing the beaches and area businesses help stop the spread of the virus, then it will all be worth it.  We know everyone has been looking forward to their vacation, and it is disappointing to miss out on a trip to the beach.  We were looking forward to having everyone here too!  Our visitors not only boost our economy but bring their happy vacation vibes as well.  That is very contagious!

Alabama beaches closed in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

It is lonely out here, said the palm tree!

We are taking the social distancing serious.

In the scheme of things, a couple of weeks at home can be useful for everyone.  For those of us not in the medical or service industry, it is time to get back to the basics, reconnect with family, and catch up on the “honey-do” list.  That is precisely what Trey and I plan to do!  As for all of you that cannot stay home due to your job, a big THANK YOU!  I am talking to the doctors, nurses, truck drivers, flight attendants, sanitation workers, grocery store employees, and anyone that does not have the option to stay home. We appreciate you so very much!

Orange beach Al photographers

Wish you were here!

This, too, will pass, and we can look back and remember the virus that closed Alabama beaches.

In the meantime, please take care of yourself and your family.  Check-in on your elderly neighbors and stay in as much as possible.  Beach Shutters is looking forward to a great summer, and I think it will still happen.  For those of you that missed the Spring Break that you needed so desperately, start planning your summer vacation, or maybe a Fall break!