Arts Center

Our most popular windy day photo location is the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach. The property is unbelievably beautiful! Large Oaks, Green Grass, Southern porches, and all bayfront. No wonder, so many brides choose the Arts Center for their wedding venue.

Bayfront park

The kids were all so excited to finish the photos and hit the playground!

Check it out!

There is no place like the Arts Center. They offer blow glass, which they make in front of you. There is a hands-on pottery studio with an instructor on duty. My daughter took a private class and loved it. You get to use the wheel to spin your pottery. Afterward, you can glaze your one-of-a-kind piece, and it goes into the kiln. The larger building is the actual Arts Center, so go inside to be amazed. There are so many talented local artists here in town. The Arts Center proudly displays its art for show and sale. Bring your wallet for this one.

at the park in Orange Beach

D.J. and the whole gang in front of the Arts Center.

Now to the photos.

On windy days, we are protected by the buildings. This means when the wind is kicking, we start asking. What is more important, Family photos or Beach photos? If the answer is Family, then we have your solution! Please meet us at the bay!

play at the park Arts Center

A grand time was had by all!

Oh, there is also a playground!

There is no need to bribe the kids with a trip to buy candy after photos. The swings and slides are in plain sight of our bayfront photo location. Smile for the photographer, and enjoy the slides and swings. That is a pretty good deal!

ring around the rosy

Play at photos!

So that is it, folks, our solution to windy day photos!

Meet us at the bay on a windy day! Here are a few examples of a 15 mph wind at the beach. DJ’s family wanted photos but didn’t want crazy wind-blown hair or to get sandblasted. As you can see, the winds are calm at the Arts Center! Another alternate meeting spot is at the Wharf. Click here to see examples of Heron Pointe.

Piggy back at the park.

Giddy Up!