Awesome Senior Portraits in Orange Beach Alabama

There are several good reasons to take Senior Portraits in Orange Beach Alabama. What exactly are Senior Portraits, and why are they so important? This is something you are only going to do once. Let’s make it a fun experience, with awesome results!

Senior Portraits are an American Tradition. They mark a milestone in our lives. I can remember taking mine at the local portrait studio in my hometown.

Way back then (I won’t say how far back then) everyone wore that velvet drape that goes off the shoulder.  My plan was to be “edgy” and outside the box.  I went with a turquoise v-neck sweater and white pants with zippers all over them.  The Michael Jackson look!  My mom advised that I wear extra make-up & hairspray for the camera, lol.  I would share this comical photo with you, but it would probably end up on a “senior photos gone wrong blog”! Now-days the trend is much more natural. The studio look is out, and lifestyle photos are in! Capturing the essence of who you are, right now, is the goal. Senior photos are right up there with Wedding photos as far as being a pretty big deal. The graduation from high school signifies the move from childhood to adulthood. This can be an emotional time for kids and parents alike. So many changes are about to happen, it just makes good sense to think ahead and schedule photos, so you can capture this once in a lifetime event and freeze it in time.

Great Locations for your Senior Portraits in Orange Beach Alabama

I am a big fan of outdoor photography. Although the beach is a beautiful backdrop, it is only one of many choices. We are fortunate to live in an area that has many great locations to choose from, depending on your style. Fort Morgan is a great choice. The Fort photographs well, and is usually not crowded. If you like rustic, this may be a good place for you. The stadium is one of my favorites. This is a classic backdrop for a senior. Especially if you played sports or band. The football field and empty bleachers add a meaningful touch to your shoot. The nature trails are another option. The trails are shady and picturesque. There are wooden bridges and walkways throughout. The Herron House and the Coastal Arts Center are prime locations also. The wrap-around porches and manicured lawns have a very professional look. Both are on the water also, so there are 2 different backgrounds to choose from. There are also countless marinas and docks in town to choose from. If you still need suggestions, I can think of about a dozen more that I haven’t mentioned in this blog!

Wherever you decide to do your senior session, just be yourself and have fun. It only takes a minute to schedule a photo session.

I know there is a lot going during a senior year. It is tempting to put off taking Senior Portraits until later. We all know that later sometimes turns into never, so go ahead and take the time to schedule a session. You will be happy you did! This your year! Congratulations and Enjoy!

Orange Beach Alabama Senior Portraits

My Little Red Bug

Senior Portraits taken while in Orange Beach Alabama

Little Black Dress

senior portraits taken in Orange Beach Alabama

On the Rocks

Good Reasons to take Senior Portraits while in Orange Beach Alabama

Those eyes

Senior portraits taken in Orange Beach Alabama photographer

On the Boardwalk

Senior photos taken in Orange Beach Alabama

On the Trail to Success