Beach Days are the Best Days!

Let the countdown begin to our next vacation!  2020 has gotten off to a rough start for all of us, hasn’t it?  We were all caught off-guard with this coronavirus mess, but I hope I am not alone in saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  While watching the daily news and reports, it seems that our nation is following directions and on our way to better days.

back to the beach in Alabama

Better days are ahead!

When this quarantine ends, where do you want to go?

If you are like most folks, a little vacation planning can lift the spirits.  Just thinking about beach days can make me feel better.  Some salty air, toes in the sand, and fresh seafood will be great therapy for all of us!

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We will have a new appreciation for our beach days.

Sunny beach days are ahead!

This will pass, and we will get our lives back.  Soon it will be a memory that we will no doubt be talking about for years to come.  It will be the year that everything shut down that was not considered essential, including the beach!  Oh, I wonder what the lessons will be that we learn from this moment of history.

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We all need a beach vacation!

I will be thankful for the little things, like my beach days.

Most of my days center around the beach, and not being able to put my feet in the sand has been quite sad for me.  Not only do we make our living as photographers in Orange Beach, but we also enjoy all of the activities that living on the coast has to offer.  When this is over, I will have a new appreciation for beach days.

beach days in Gulf Shores

Travel is good for family bonds.

Better days are ahead!

With a new appreciation of our freedom and a thankful heart for our health, we will get back to normal.  It may take a while to recover fully, but we will do it together.  For now, some positive things that I have noticed is the way our neighbors have come together.  Everyone seems to have prioritized people over possessions, and this little break from the usual has put a new perspective on life.

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This is our happy place!