Better Every Year

Our beach portraits get better every year, says Mattie! I agree. The first time we met, about eight years ago, for photos, her family was not this big. Year after year, the family gets bigger, and the time together is more precious.

Family traditions in Orange Beach

Our reflective stage was compliments of a sandbar!

Traditions are worth the effort.

Taking family photos takes time and preparation, and we get it! A big thank you to the coordinator of the family photos… you know who you are! Making the calls, researching photographers in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, planning the wardrobe, and more. Your efforts do not go unnoticed by Beach Shutters Photography. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

sunsets in Orange Beach, Al.

This year’s sky was the complement of Mother Nature!

Family beach photo night has become part of the yearly vacation plan.

Naps first, photos, then a big family dinner! The Brown family plans an evening around this significant day, making it a fun event for the kids and adults. No one ever takes it too seriously, and we let the kids set the tone and even choose the pose sometimes.

Beach Portraits in Gulf Shores colorful skies

Grandparents’ pride and joy. This is the reason for the photo session right here!

This year they brought a new family member.

New babies have been added through the years, but Turner brought a date this year. This was the first grown-up to be added to our core! She is a lucky girl to join this family & seemed to fit right in. Welcome Marley! You are in for some fun memory-making vacations with this group.

Beach portraits taken in Orange Beach

Hi, Marley! Nice to meet you.

It really does get better every year!

New faces and new experiences with the core group make our tradition magical. The sandbar and reflective skies were my favorite part of this year’s photos. Oh, and getting to pull Louie’s tooth, lol. That is another story for another day. Let’s say they are like family, and I appreciate the trust of our repeat clients. Thank you all for allowing us to share a piece of your family vacation. It does get better every year!

Photographers get better every year in Perdido Key

The cousins!