Birthday Photos at the beach

To celebrate Abigail’s First Birthday, her mom arranged birthday photos at the beach with Beach Shutters Photography!  I am so glad she did!  How sweet is her wardrobe.  I especially like her pink tutu, pearls, and bright pink cake!

Toddlers can be picky about the sand and waves.

This is true, especially on windy days.  Little Miss Abigail was a very typical one-year-old and did not want to stand, much less sit in the sand.  Mom had a hard time getting her to sit alone on the beach, so the cake was a must!

birthday at the beach

There is that smile! It is a happy birthday!

First birthday photos in Orange Beach Al

Read the list to know all of Abigail’s favorites. I love this idea.

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Afterward, we dipped her in the water to clean up the sticky fingers.

Eating her cake for birthday photos at the beach was the only way Abigail would sit alone!

It only took a minute for her to adjust.  Soon Abigail was so concentrated on gobbling up fist-full yumminess, she let mom scoot out of the photo.  All I can say is thank you mom for bringing the goodies!

photographers in Orange Beach Al.

This will make a cute Party Invitation too!

These beach portraits happened at the end of a family photo session.

We only needed 5 extra minutes to change her clothes.  After that, it was on!  We gave her a cake and started clicking.  5 minutes later, we have these adorable memories of Abigail’s first birthday.  She is a local baby, so meeting at the beach was very convenient.

Another one of my favorite birthday photos at the beach was taken indoors.

Taylor, another local cutie pie celebrated her first birthday inside the condo.  Her mom did it up right with props also.  It seems the tutu and pearls are a must, lol.  The blender and goodies give these pics the extra pop!  Sweetness, goodness and happy birthday photos at the beach are the way to remember this special day.

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Mind if I have a bite?

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Enjoy! We can clean the counters later.

Gulf Shores photography

Take it all in Birthday Girl!

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Mom gets an A+ on the props!

Happy Birthday to these precious girls!

Thank you for allowing Beach Shutters Photography to take your birthday photos at the beach!  We love our locals and are so glad you chose us to share on this occasion!