More and more we are having requests for Blended Family Photos.

As a photographer, and a blended mom myself, I love this.  Vacationing with the kids and step kids can be a lot of fun, and a perfect photo op.  When you have family from more than one household it can be hard to gather everyone for a family picture.

beach photographs in Gulf Shores

Everyone is here, and we are all so happy together!

Vacation is the perfect opportunity to grab that very important blended family photo!

If you are like me, someone always has a soccer game, won’t be in town, or some previous engagement that prevents the photo that mom wants most.  The older the kids get, the harder it is to have them all under one roof.  The solution?  Plan a beach vacation!

photos with the step children

The Girls Photo.
Mom, daughter, and stepdaughter, all in one shot. That is sweet, isn’t it!

His, Hers and Ours.

When photographing blended families, I take into account the separate groupings that you will want.  Of course, we aim to get the whole crew in the same photo several times.  But beyond that, our photographers make sure to get mom and her kiddos and a separate photo of dad with his.

photographers in Orange Beach blended family photos

Sarah’s children, all together. This photo is for grand mom’s Christmas gift.

Vacation is the best time to arrange beach portraits with the entire family.

Orange Beach & Gulf Shores photographers know that our backgrounds cannot be beaten.  There are several locations, including the beach right outside your condo that will be an awesome background for your blended family photos.  I am sure everyone brought a cute sundress, or a new Polo shirt to wear out to dinner.  Family photo night can be a pit stop on the way to your seafood feast.

beach pictures in Gulf Shores Alabama

Doug’s daughter. This photo is for the other grandmom.

Beach Shutters Photography likes to keep it simple, quick, and easy.

Our family photo sessions generally last 30 minutes, unless you happen to be traveling with extended family or friends that want to join in.  Our photographers in Orange Beach will have you jumping, running, or playing with your kids while we are snapping away.  We think you will continue to smile long after the camera is put away, just because you had fun taking photos with your blended family!

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Everyone wanted an individual shot for social media.

photographer fun in Orange Beach

Fun at photos!

beach photos in Alabama

The formal shot of the whole gang.