Boho Photo Editing

The latest trend is a rusty-looking Boho Photo Editing style. How do you get it to look this way? Playing with the saturation and bringing reds & oranges up while decreasing blues.

Crisp and clean!

The boho photo editing style introduces a crisp, clean look to your photos. When edited in this fashion, the subjects (your family) stand out rather than the background (beach scenes).

Editing Trends

A crisp look for Kylie this year!

Kylie is a repeat client.

She asked for warm, sunny tones this year. The last time we photographed her family, she wanted the colorful blues and greens. This year, she wanted a trendy change and loved the look! Will she go back to light and airy next time? We can’t wait to find out!

Gulf Shores Photographers

It is the new Black & White with a rusty tint!

Stay tuned!

Trends come and go. Please tell us what you need from your photographer, and we will try to accommodate your needs. Beach Shutters is open to suggestions in editing styles, poses, and beyond. We want you to be happy with your photography experience from start to finish!

Boho Photo Editing combines traditional black & white and colorful photography.

This hybrid style introduces warm tones, more blacks than whites, and an increased rusty tint. Rather than a blue look, the boho edit offers an earthy feel. Trendy, yes! Beautiful, I think so!  If this new editing style interests you, we will use this method when editing your family beach photos.

Open to Change.

Getting stuck in a rut is a typical photography mistake. Beach Shutters wants to stay ahead of the curve regarding family vacation beach portraits. We live in such a beautiful piece of paradise that photographs well in any light!

Orange Beach with a little extra Orange!

When looking for a photographer in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, check out the competition. Look at the examples, read the blogs, and make your own decision based on preferences. There are many talented photographers on the Alabama coast! We hope you land on Beach Shutters!