There is a need for Candid Photography in Orange Beach.

Parents of young children know that sometimes it is impossible to get them to look at the camera.  That is more than okay with me!  My very favorite photos are when we have to work for it.  I am talking about fun, playful, lifestyle photography!

photographers in Orange Beach Alabama

Are we taking photos, or playing? Both!

Meet the Hines Family!

Brittany & Peyton are the perfect examples of the young families that we meet weekly.  Hi, kids!  Would you like to sit still and smile at a stranger, while she points the little black box at you?  No, thank you!  When little ones get to the beach, they are ready to run, play, and explore.  I kick off my flip flops and follow them.  The result is magical candid photography in Orange Beach.

candid photography in Orange Beach at the pass

Big Sis is a little model, isn’t she!

Wow, that was fun and a little exhausting.  Just like all of our candid photography sessions in Orange Beach.

That is the reaction that moms & dads come up with after photos.  There has usually been an explanation of a knot on the baby’s head, skinned knee, or sunburn.  The kids are excited to be on vacation, so they may have missed a nap or be ready to crash.  We will do our best, but don’t expect much.  That is where we start with many families.

The photo session was a success, and everyone had fun!

After warming up to the photographer in Orange Beach, the kids realize this is not so bad.  We may play games, find shells, or if dad is up for it, toss the baby high!  Another favorite is walk on the beach, then run or even race.  A little friendly competition makes for great candid photography in Orange Beach.

Orange Beach mini-sessions

Even resting on the log is photo-worthy!

Our less formal style works.

Is it over already?  A 30-minute mini-session goes by pretty quickly, especially when the kids are young.  Your photographers will be moving fast, and you will be moving even faster.  We try to capture the moment from all angles, with the focus being your family at the most beautiful beach.

Sand trail Orange Beach

Hey, everyone is looking. Bonus!

Candid photography in Orange Beach is for all ages.

This style works for all that are willing to participate.  Think of bringing the grandparents or even great-grandparents to the beach with the kids.  Yes, a photo of all looking at the camera may be nice, but how about something a little different.  We prefer a hug, a laugh, or even a tickle.  Now that is a moment to capture!