Chasing the Sun

The Kimler Family had to drive over 30 miles chasing the sun literally. Last year their photos were a washout due to weather. It was looking like a repeat, but we looked at the radar and took our chance on driving west. We moved as far west as you can go in Gulf Shores. Burgoyne Street is a little park at the very end of Fort Morgan Road. (formally known as No Name Street).

Fort Morgan Alabama beaches.

Thank you, Jordan and Chase, for taking an unexpected road trip to Fort Morgan.

From heavy clouds & lightning to the sunny skies, we go!

The further west we drove, the better the chances of lovely weather. Our eyes could see the stormy skies over Orange Beach, and radar confirmed our findings. The sprinkles stopped as we headed away from OB and Gulf Shores, and behold, sun ahead!

sassy girl photos

Do we just love the sassy face!

I don’t always get so lucky, but AccuWeather did us well today!

There was a small pocket of sunny skies that lasted about 20 minutes. That was plenty of time to get what we needed. Ellie doesn’t have a long attention span, so we were already asking a lot from a toddler.

chasing the sun to Fort Morgan

Run to mom & dad!

Jordan says she and Chase would take whatever we got.

Look at what we got! Bright, happy, cheerful skies at the beach. These photos are all you could ever ask for in family photos. On this day, it paid off to go chasing the sun! Our location was originally the Gulf State Park Beach Pavilion, located between Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, just east of the fishing pier. Thankfully, Jordan & Chase were willing to drive the extra miles to make it happen.

Big Beach Hugs.

A Great Big Hug!

Mama cried when she saw the photos.

I sent Jordan a sneak peek the next day & she said she teared up. Her tears brought me joy, lol! We did it together with naps, snacks, and storm chasing!