Cloudy Day Photos

It is not always a sunny day. Sometimes we take cloudy day photos, yay! Clouds are good. They are natural light filters & come in all sorts of pastel surprise colors. This evening had its blue-grey pastel hue, which coordinates with Joanna’s family wardrobe.

Cloudy day photos

Cool clouds, pastel photos!

Soft blues!

The water & sky worked together on this day, bringing on the Blues.

natural light photos

Photos are as fun as a walk on the beach!

Sunny days have their own bright, almost stark feel. On the other hand, cloudy day photos have a romantic softness. Neither is better than the other; they are just different. Hey, we take what mother nature offers and go with it!

beach pictures in Orange Beach

Lifestyle photography happening here!

Not all photo sessions are the same.

Each night brings its personality. No sunset or sunrise is the same, and aren’t we glad about that! It would not be fascinating if everyone got the same background as a studio photographer! Natural light photographers are living on the edge, lol!

Cloudy day photos

Cool clouds, pastel photos!

Doesn’t Joanna look happy!

Mom has always wanted family photos, and now she has crossed beach portraits off her bucket list. Boy moms know that family photos rank right up there with a trip to the dentist. But what if the family photo shoot only lasted 30 minutes and took place on the beach?

beach portraits in Alabama

Boys love the beach!

Now we are talking!

Try natural light beach photos if a studio setting is not your style. Less formal, more lifestyle, perfect for young active boys. Kids are more apt to participate if it involves the outdoors, water, and sunshine. (or clouds in this case).

Alabama beaches

Always a classic shot!

Hot summer days make the best cloudy day photos!

This week we have hit the high 90s, so our temperatures are up there. Afternoon clouds keep the heat, so our sessions are more relaxed and less sweaty. I bet you didn’t think about that! Bring on the clouds & smiles. Pack your cute clothes and meet us at the beach in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach. Beach Shutters Photography will bring the camera, and we will take awesome family beach photos!