Condo Photos

Would you like to improve your rental income with professional condo photos?

The competition is tough in today’s rental market.  The best way to show-off your property is online.  To do this you will need great condo photos that stand out when compared to the rest.  Check out this condo shoot to see what amazing pictures can do for your rental.

Light it up!

One of the things to consider when taking Condo photos is the lighting.  The best time of day for indoor photography is from late morning to mid-afternoon.  This allows your photographer to utilize the natural daylight coming through the windows.  Natural light adds to the appeal of your real estate and makes everything appear light and airy.  When we start a condo shoot, the first step is to open all of the curtains and turn on every light and lamp in the house.  If this is not enough lighting, we can set up external flashes to bring in extra light.

Clean it up!

The next step in taking condo photos is to declutter.  By removing most personal items, and leaving just a few accessories, we can create clean lines.  This is more pleasing to the eyes of the viewer and allows them to focus on the property rather than any items of clutter.  By hiding extension cords, and taking all of the unnecessary items off the countertops and dressers, your condo appearance is immediately improved.

real estate condo photography

modern vanity

Orange beach condo photography

Kitchen duty

condo photography in Orange Beach

crisp & white

condo photography in Orange Beach

relax and unwind

photography of a condo in Orange Beach

Sleeps 4

Now let’s get technical about real estate photography.

The photography gear and equipment used in photographing real estate matters.  We use top of the line professional cameras and lenses to get the best photos possible for your condo and rental properties.  Therefore our images are crystal clear and very high resolution.  Our condo photos have a broad range of tones enabling the viewer to see all of the details.  You can be confident in knowing that your real estate photographs are going to stand out online, making your property rent more often than the rest.


Thank you for stopping by our blog page today!  We are also proud to offer family photography, senior portraits and wedding photography.  If it requires a camera and great photos, Beach Shutters Photography has it covered!