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Cousins at the Beach

Cousins at the beach are having so much fun. Look at the smiles on Winnie, Lil & Ava’s faces! They enjoy every minute together and make the most of their vacation time at the beach.

Photographers in Gulf Shores

Cute times Three!


Jake and Angie planned this photo session for their granddaughters.

Planning can make a good vacation great. Research on Google, Facebook, or Instagram can help families find the best activities, restaurants, and photographers to contact for their vacation memories. Angie did this, researched, and ensured all her vacation reservations, meals, and photo plans went smoothly.

Photographers in Perdido Key

The whole gang!

Mother Nature chimed in.

Yes, we have had a pretty rainy and windy year so far. As luck would have it, a pop-up thunderstorm hit before the photo session started. Instead of calling it quits, we put our heads together and checked our weather apps to see about the extended local forecast. Furthermore, a few miles down the road, the skies were clear in Perdido Key. All dressed up in photo clothes,g; we hit the road to drive East! Thankfully, Angie’s family was very agreeable to the relocation plan and not opposed to my storm-dodging idea.

Orange Beach photography

Bye Winnie!

The weather at our new location wasn’t perfect, but we made the best of it.

Clouds and a brisk wind would not stop this precious family from documenting their time together. It is what it is! Well, in this case, it is beautiful! Playful cousins on the beach took the best photos.

Their photos turned out great!

These photos are an excellent example if you are worried about the weather forecast and wonder what a cloudy, windy day looks like in pictures. Good attitudes, quick thinking, and the willingness to change locations all worked in our favor.

Beach Shutters loved meeting these cousins at the beach!

Taking family photos is what we enjoy most! Bring the family to the beach; we will bring the camera and capture your beach portraits. Thanks for reading our blog today! Click the following links for pricing & booking your next family photo session.