Daddy/Daughter & Mother/Son Photography by Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach Alabama

How sweet is this Daddy/daughter photography?

I get all choked up thinking about a Daddy/daughter dance, so naturally, this photo gets to me.  The bond between fathers and daughters is very special.  If you are like me, my dad was the biggest and the strongest man in the world!  Therefore, when I look back at photos of me and my Pop when I was little, it brings these feelings right back.  Of course, he still is just as big and strong today in my eyes!


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I did not pose this shot. In fact, we were walking back to the condo and I pulled my camera back out to capture this sweetness.


Behind every great daughter is an amazing, adoring daddy.

And yes, there is a little girl that stole his heart, right!  For this very reason, I simply love daddy/daughter photography!  As a photographer in Orange Beach, it is a pleasure to have captured many of these sweet memories for girls everywhere.  I hope when they grow up, there beach photos with dad will be among their favorite treasures!

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Daddy, I will always be your little girl!

This brings me to the other accomplices, mother, and sons!

The Mother/son shots are just as sweet to me as daddy/daughter photography.  There is no denying the bond between mom and her favorite little man.  In fact, you can just see the love and support in these photos of mommy and her boy.   After all, mom is his first love, and he is her world.

mother and son photography

May I have this dance?

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Mom will always be his first love, and first, kiss!

Nobody on Earth can ever love you more than your parents.

Knowing this, I am sure that daddy/daughter, mother/son photos will be one of the combinations that you will request during your photo session in Orange Beach.  It is hard to put love into words, but a photo can say so much and last a lifetime.  Don’t miss this sweet opportunity while they are still young… and even when they are grown!

mother and son photography in Orange Beach

No matter how big he gets, he will always love his mama!

Daddy/daughter photography is the sweetest!

Equally as adorable is mother/son pictures, so don’t let your next photo session slip by without getting these combinations.  Daddy/daughter photography may be the best way to get dad to agree to a family session.  How can he resist a pic with his little girl!


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Savor the moments while they are young!

Thank you for reading my blog about mother/son and daddy/daughter photography in Orange Beach.  I hope you will consider us to be your Alabama beach portrait photographer for your next vacation.