Destin Photographers

We are now Destin Photographers.  Beach Shutters Photography is on the road again.  Now that the season is a bit lighter, we have time to travel a bit further for photos.  This is one of those weeks that we were able to travel to Destin for a family photoshoot.  Wow!  Did that work out!

Fall and Spring are perfect here at the beach.

It has cooled off enough so that you don’t get so hot at the beach.  On the other hand, it is still warm enough to get in the Gulf.  In my opinion, it is the best time to visit!  Our fall sunsets are closer to the water and can be amazingly colorful, just like in these photos.

beach portraits in Destin

Flying like Peter Pan

Candace was a referral from one of my regular clients, Kenzie.

When Candace told her friend Kenzie that she was planning her first family vacation to Destin, she referred her to Beach Shutters Photography.  It was important to have photos taken of this important occasion since her 4 kids had never seen the beach.  In looking for Destin photographers, I am glad she landed on us.  Thanks again, Kenzie!

children's photography in Destin

A wall-hanger for sure

This was an important session for Candace & Andrew, so they did not want just any Destin Photographers, they wanted one that was recommended.

A first family vacation is a big deal.  Especially when you have four busy kids, it is hard to make the time.  The oldest daughter asked for this Fall Break trip and made a sacrifice of her own to help out mom and dad.   Callie gave up dance for the year so that their schedule and finances would allow for a vacation.

first official vacation

No pressure, but these family photos need to be spectacular.

Thanks to mom planning ahead and getting everyone’s outfits coordinated, and making sure the kids were well rested on photo day, our family was ready for beach photos.  Mother-nature did her thing and provided an amazing sunset.  Beach Shutters brought the equipment and met the family in Destin at the beautiful Henderson Park.

things to do in Destin

Girl Time!

Seaside photographers

the boys by the sea

Things to do in Destin

Things to do in Destin, Family photos!

photographers 30A

There they go!

That is our story about Destin photographers!

The photos speak for themselves, and will hopefully earn a spot on the living room walls in Candace & Andrew’s home.  Thank you for allowing us to document your first family vacation in Destin Florida!

Some other locations that we take photos in the off-season are Seaside, Seagrove, 30A, and Pensacola, Florida.  This year we are spreading our wings a little further south and taking photos in Key Largo, Key West, and all points in between!  As usual, we will be back in time for Spring break in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.