Document Your Days

It is so important to document your days with photographs!

Photography is a new way to communicate.  Who even reads a Facebook post that doesn’t have a photo accompanying it nowadays?  Social media has trained us to look for the photo, therefore, we are always looking for better ways to take great photos.  Here are a few quick ways to document your days with photos.

photographers in Orange Beach Document your days

We were here long enough for Summer to make the winter swim team!

Beach Shutters Photography tries to capture raw moments, not fake ones.

Document your days with realistic photos of life as it is happening.  When the kids are all grown up, a photo can take you back in time to a place you loved.  It doesn’t have to be a special occasion day, just an everyday photo.  Maybe it is a day from Tball, your little ballerina in her pink tutu, or a photo from your vacation in Orange Beach!

Cynthia Stone photographer

Summer has her own personal photographer this trip.

Transitions happen so gradually in our lives, we don’t even notice the changes sometimes.

All of a sudden, that little boy with a baseball bat is a teenager.  Your little ballerina is going away to college next year.  It happens so fast, doesn’t it!  These are the good old days that we need to remember forever.  This is the reason to document your days with photographs!

vacation photography in Alabama

She never misses an opportunity to do a cartwheel.

As a photographer in Orange Beach, we see some of the same families every year.

It amazes me how a family can change in 365 days!  Rarely do the kids look the same, neither do the circumstances.  There may be a new member gained since the last vacation, and occasionally families have lost a member of the family within the past year.  This makes last year’s photos extra special and irreplaceable.

photography to document your days

This is our little traveler’s favorite swim shirt. I wonder how long it will fit?

Here are a few photos of our daughter Summer as examples.

I am choosing a few pictures from our personal vacation that are not extra special now, but in a few years I know we will look back and say “Wow, I am glad we took the time to document our days in Key Largo!”  These memories of this vacation will fade when we return to Orange Beach, but a photo can bring our good times flooding back.

family beach portraits in Alabama

She was not scared to hold this alligator!

We would love to be your photographers in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores this year and document your days with lifestyle beach portraits of your family.  Thanks for reading my photography blog today.  I hope it encourages you to schedule a photo session, break out your own camera, or just use your iPhone.  Family photos are fun now, and so very important later!

lifestyle photographers in Orange Beach

I thought this was a fun day. Summer made a cute YouTube clip and included this photo as her cover.

sunset at the beach photos

I love her carefree attitude and that she seems to live in the moment. Be like Summer!