Documentary Lifestyle Photography

The latest style for family photos is documentary lifestyle photography. You may have seen this style all over Instagram & not known what to call it! Now you have the name of it. Gone are the days of posed beach portraits. Today’s young parents want the free, easy, casual style that represents their life.

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Look at your family, walk, talk and interact with each other. That is what documentary photography is all about.

The best description of Documentary Lifestyle Photography is interactive photos.

In other words, do your best to look at, smile, laugh, and play with someone else in the photo, not the photographer. Looking at the camera is a big no-no. Looking at each other is a big yes-yes! It takes the pressure off the kids too. Getting to run on the beach or tickle-fight with your siblings is easy!

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We do look at the camera after a good tickle!

I love this newest craze of family photography gone fun!

Once we start a session, everyone gets involved & photo time becomes playtime. Did you say playtime at the beach? That sounds like a plan for all ages! Don’t you like that idea so much better than the old plan of smiling at the birdie?

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We may also get a little sandy in photos.

What can we expect from a beach photo session with Beach Shutters Photography?

Trey or Cynthia will greet you at sunrise or just before sunset. A quick introduction is needed since we will walk and talk throughout your session. Your photographer will give suggestions and set you up for each shot. Input is always welcome, as ideas or recreation. We both take it as a fun challenge!

taking family photos at the beach

We always have a good time! Mom, dad & especially the kids.

Want to see more examples of documentary lifestyle photography by Beach Shutters?

Take a look at our portfolio, Facebook page, or Instagram posts. We have hundreds of photos and portraits we have taken over the years of families like yours. Not only do we have examples of beach pic, we also offer senior portraits, wedding photos, and real estate photography.