Dressed for Photos

Everyone wants to be dressed for photos!  Here is an example of one of my favorites for little girls.  The Well-Dressed Wolf dress company makes the cutest clothing for children.  In my opinion, these dresses photograph very well, every time!

beach photos in Orange Beach

All dressed up for photos in Orange Beach.

Neutral colors blend beautifully with our beach landscape.

Mother-nature knows what looks good, follow her lead by choosing the colors of the beach.  Blues, greens, and off-white are great for photos.   These tones definitely compliment the colors of the water, sand & sea oats.  The natural look allows your family to shine, drawing attention to the people and not the clothes.

all dressed up for a photo session in Gulf Shores Al

Family photos are better when you are well dressed.

What to pack for the beach portraits.

Bring comfortable clothing.  If you feel self-conscience in a tight-fitting dress or form-fitted clothing, choose something else.  Feeling good and free to move about is part of beach photos.  Flowy skirts can blow in the breeze, making your photos feel light and airy.  Another photographer secret:  A jean jacket can hide your arms if you don’t want to show off your muscles, lol.

beach clothing in Alabama

Juliette, you are the cutest Well Dressed Wolf!

Keep it simple, when getting dressed for photos.

If you cannot think of a photo-worthy outfit for your boys, think khaki.  Plain Khaki pants or shorts with a pull-over collared shirt look great on boys of all ages.  A white collared shirt on dad also compliments any sundress that you can find.

coordinated clothing for photos

Dad’s button-down matches the girl’s dresses. Very well coordinated.

Remember your hair when preparing for a session.

Pack the products!  Hair spray is a must when taking beach photos.  If it is windy, we want your hair to stay in place.  When it is humid, your curls will fall if you have naturally straight hair.  For those naturally curly ladies, yours will grow bigger.  If we are not battling wind and humidity, you must not be at the beach.  It is just part of beach life.  The elements!

beach portrait clothing

Cute clothes, cuter family!

Apply the make-up as usual.

Use the amount of makeup that you would normally wear, when getting dressed for photos. In addition, A little extra powder for shine and lip gloss for shine and moisture is very helpful.  If you can handle false eyelashes, go for it.  They photograph beautifully!

Thanks for reading our blog about being well dressed for photos at the beach.  Beach Shutters Photography would love to photograph your family in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores.  As always, we want to be your favorite photographer at the beach.

dressed for photos in Gulf Shores

Perfectly blended with nature.