Edited Family Photos

Everyone wants edited family photos.  You know, magical, bright, amazing art.  Therefore, we work hard to deliver just that, amazing family art.  How do we do it?  Edit, edit, edit, edit!

Here is an example of our edited family photos and the process that each pic goes through.

First, we start with a beautiful family and meet them at sunset or sunrise.  In this case, Heather & Greg chose sunrise at the Pass in Orange Beach.  Here we go… lighten, brighten, enhance!  On this particular day, we got amazing clouds naturally, but if we don’t get so lucky, we can add skies!  That is another blog for another day, lol!

after edits image

My After Edits creation.

before an edit image

Before, not so lovely, huh!

Facial edits are usually my first priority.

Beach Shutters enhances eyes and whitens teeth on all faces that need it.   Heather’s son also scraped his face on the bottom of the pool yesterday.  You don’t see it, because I have taken care of the boo boo with a swipe of the mouse.

edited photos in Orange Beach

No boo boos here, just a handsome face. Say Hi to Bry!

Now that the people are cleaned up, let’s look at the background.

Enhance it!  Make it lighter and brighter.. skies are bluer, and the clouds are brighter.  As a rule, I add a yellow glow to the sand and the whole photo before whitening the sand separately.  You didn’t notice?  Good!  I want my edits to look natural.

What needs to be removed from the background of edited family photos?

All people that are not in your party will be removed.  Now, this is sunrise, so there are not too many people to remove, only about half a dozen.  Bam, they are gone!  Along with their fishing poles and gear.

These are all reasons that it takes up to 2 months to get your photos back.

Edited family photos take a minute!  Although I thoroughly enjoy my work, it is very time-consuming.  So just know that if it took 30 minutes to take your photos it can take up to 2 hours to edit.  Yes, I take this part very seriously so you will be very happy!