Are you interested in edited photos in Orange Beach?

Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach is your photographer!  Yes, we edit!  Here is an example of one of our images that needed our help!  Byler is a typical toddler.  He was more interested in playing in the tide pool than smiling for the photographer.  We had to let him be in charge for a minute to get a smile.  We got it, but he was not in the exact location that I would have picked for a background.

photographers in Orange Beach edits photos

unedited raw image

Just keep smiling, we can take care of the rest!

No worries mom, we got the shot you were after.  I know many people think we have a fancy camera that does all of the work.  Although we do use top of the line equipment, there is still so much that goes into post-editing.  This is why it sometimes takes 4-6 weeks to get your photos after your session.  Our typical single-family session last half an hour, but the edits can take 2 hours.

What edits do you offer?

I am glad you asked.  As one of the many photographers in Orange Beach, we like to stand out as the one that edits.  As you can see from the example, we start with a RAW image, which can look dull and flat, but is very editable.  We straighten the horizon, crop and enhance the background on all photos.  Next, we remove any people on the beach that are not in your party.  Most photos also need a touch of white/black balance and color correction.  Afterward, we enhance eyes and whiten teeth.  We also remove blemishes and any other imperfections that we see.

When shopping for photographers in Orange Beach, don’t be afraid to ask the important questions.

You may not need or want any edits if so there are dozens of choices.  But, if you are one of the many that feel edited photos are right for you, we are your photographer in Orange Beach!  Thanks for reading my blog post about edited photos!  While you are here, scroll through our blogs and portfolio to see more examples of our work.  Beach Shutters offers not only family beach portraits, but also wedding photography, real estate photos and senior portraits.