So much goes into editing a family photo, I thought I would share an example.

before and after edited photos

Yes, there are plenty of people on the beach, and this is actually a light day!  BEFORE RAW IMAGE

Before & After

Last night was beautiful! I was happy to see the beach is much less crowded now that we are officially past the busy season. For me, that means fewer people to edit out of the background. Here is an example of a Before & After edited photo. Sunset is excellent lighting, and make a soft portrait, with no squinting or harsh shadow. That is the reason we are out there! Getting to the finished product takes a minute (or ten sometimes, lol). Thank you all for your patience & for being OK with waiting up to 6 weeks for your photos. Each family gets the same amount of attention. My pride, sweat & love goes into each photo package that we send out.
Now, back to editing a few more… I will be posting the rest of the beautiful Sweeney Family preview shortly.
photographers Orange Beach edits

Eva was a lot of fun to work with. She is full of personality, and we got tons of great shots!

editing a family photo in Gulf Shores

What a cutie! Lodan is as sweet as he looks.

Alabama Sandcastles

The baby of the family had less interest in photos. He was a sandcastle fan and a shell hunter!

We are not alone!

Rarely do we have the beach to ourselves.  If we do there is a reason, haha.  It is either very cold, windy or there is a hurricane headed our way.  Wait, scratch that last one.. we all gather on the beach to watch the storms roll in!  Since we share the beach, there is a lot of editing that goes int a family photo.  We have lots of background corrections to make.  Beyond enhancing the skies, we remove the extra people, signs, pole, and trash.
Seashells in Orange Beach

There are plenty of shells to find!

Editing a family photo takes time, but it is so satisfying.

I accept the challenge and try to make each photo that I edit the best it can be.  Thank you for trusting Beach Shutters Photography to be your Photographers in Orange Beach & Gulf Shores.  We thoroughly love what we do, editing, and all!  Meeting your sweet family, and then going creating art makes us very happy!

walk on the beach Alabama

I always love a family walking photo!