Engagement photos

Just another walk on the beach?  Oh, I don’t think so!  This is an engagement photo session!

Kaylee had no idea that Logan had a rock in his pocket.  I don’t mean an ocean rock, sea glass, or seashell.  I mean a ROCK of an engagement ring!

Arkansas Bride magazine featured photo

We are so honored to be a featured photographer in this issue of Arkansas Bride Magazine!

She thought she was taking a walk on the beach with her boyfriend.

That made her happy.  Little did she know, her life was about to change forever!  During this little stroll, she took a twirl & Logan took a knee.  When Kaylee saw him drop to one knee, she knew what was up!

Gulf Shores beaches

Walking on the beach. This is nice, thought Kaylee.

What a magical day for engagement photos!

It was a bit windy, and the clouds were building.  This gave us a dreamy look that allowed for cooler temperatures too.  That helped Logan cool his sweaty palms, and allowed Kaylee’s dress to flow in the Seabreeze.  Perfection!

beach twirl engagement session in Gulf Shores

Twirling on the beach. This is fun, thought Kaylee!

engagement photos on the beach

Getting engaged on the beach! This is perfect, said Kaylee!

Kaylee was completely surprised!

Yes, Logan, you made it happen!  Every girl’s dream of a surprise beach engagement came true for Kaylee!  The couple was here in Gulf Shores for a family vacation, so Kaylee really didn’t have a clue what was to come.

engagement ring Gulf Shores

Love the ROCK!

beach photography in Alabama

Happy tears.

Beach Shutters Photography is so excited to be featured in a magazine!

Arkansas Bride Magazine picked up our engagement photos story from the bride-to-be, Kaylee.  The couple is featured in this month’s issue, all about LOVE!  What an honor for the future bride and groom to tell their romantic story to all that read the issue.  Take a minute to click the link and find out more about their Love Story!

beach happy

Read the article and try not to shed your own happy tears!

We would love to be your beach photographer too!

It doesn’t have to be engagement photos.  We also take family beach portraits and wedding photos.  Hint, Hint!  I know, the full article says Kaylee & Logan will be married in their home state of Arkansas, but if you are planning an Alabama beach wedding, I am your photographer!

vacations Gulf Shores Al.

well-planned, Logan!