Fall at the Beach in Alabama

Photographers in Orange Beach can tell you that Fall at the beach in Alabama is Fabulous!  The water is warm and the air is cool.  It is the best time of year to visit the coast and a great time for family photos.

photography of Fall at the beach

Fall is the best time to be at the beach

So, I guess you are thinking about Christmas cards?

Family photos make the best Christmas cards and gifts for your relatives.  I personally give my parents a framed photo of the kids for every occasion, lol!  While the crowds are down and tourism is light, we have the beaches to ourselves this time of year.  This makes the best background for your photos.

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Lifestyle photography at it’s best!

Fall at the beach offers one more bonus that you may not know about.

The sunsets over land all summer long, but, during the fall at the beach, it sets over the water.  For a few months, you can actually get a photo of your family with the beach and sunset in the background!  How about that good news!

Orange Beach photographers

You and me sissy!

The rates are down!

Yes, the rental rates are down at your favorite hotel or condo.  If that makes you happy, then this will too.  I don’t know about other photographers in Orange Beach, but we discount our rates also in the off-season.  This autumn we are offering $50 off of every photo package.

Beach Shutters photography loves fall at the beach in Alabama

Fun at Family photos

So now you are thinking about beach portraits this fall at the beach in Alabama for gifts?

The next question is what to wear, right?  This time of year, anything goes.  In the summer, it is so hot, you almost have to wear shorts and short sleeves.  Otherwise, you will definitely be very sweaty.  Now that it is Fall at the beach in Alabama, the temps are down.  This allows for more choices in clothing for your photo session.

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ready set GO!

Thanks for reading my blog about Fall at the beach in Alabama.  I hope you plan a trip real soon, and schedule photos with your favorite photographers in Orange Beach.  We are Beach Shutters Photography, and we would love to take your beach portraits while you are visiting the Alabama coast.

fall at Alabama beaches

Dad and his girls

We also travel this time of year, so we are not limited to being your Gulf Shores photographers.  Beach Shutters will also be your Destin photographers and 30A photographers!  During the months of January and February, we will be photographers in the Florida Keys also!

visit Alabama beaches in the fall

You and me sissy!