Family Photo Locations

When scheduling photos with a photographer in Orange Beach, you may think the beach is your only option.  There are actually several beautiful family photo locations in Orange Beach.  Today I would like to show you one of my favorites.

The Bay at the Coastal Arts Center in Orange Beach makes a beautiful background!

This family photo location works well for several reasons.  Some kids cannot stay awake for sunset photos, and as you know that is the most popular time to take beach pics.  The Arts Center offers several shady backgrounds, so sunset is not needed.  In fact, the afternoon is my favorite time of day to take photos at the bay.

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Sister Secrets

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Down by the Bay

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On the Porch at the Bay

What if you have dinner reservations and don’t want to get sandy at photos?

This is the perfect backdrop for your pre-dinner family session.  Dinner attire looks lovely with all of the porches, bay and grass backgrounds that the Arts Center family photo location offers.  Even better, you can have your photo session at 5 or 6 pm, then be at dinner by 7!

Some toddlers don’t like sand.

We run into this obstacle all the time.  Not only with babies, but some adults just do not like the idea of being barefoot in the sand.  At the bay, we can wear shoes, sit on porches and even walk on the dock.  At no point during your session will you have to get sandy.

What if someone in the party wants a beach shot?

No problem!  There is a very small stretch of sandy beach at the bay.  We can always take a shot or two here to keep the whole gang happy.  At this family photo location, we can please everyone with the many options of scenery.

The huge oaks and moss in the trees make a magical photo!

The trees, porches and the Building itself has a southern charm like no other location.  This is probably why so many brides and grooms choose to book their wedding here.  Thankfully, it is free to the public for family photos, so we won’t have to pay the building rental fee of a wedding… but we can get the same great photos!

Thank you for reading my blog about family photo locations in Orange Beach!  Aside from the bay and beach, there are lots of beautiful places for photos in the city.  We would love to be your photographers in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores!  Call or email us today to schedule your family photos, wedding photography, or real estate photography.