Family Photo Poses

Regarding beach portraits, it is always fun to come up with different family photo poses. This is one of my repeat families. I am pretty sure I have gotten to take their family photos for about six years in a row now. Here are a few examples of this year’s shots. We have our recreations where we see how much the boys have grown and changed and a few new, more challenging poses.

fun family lifestyle photos

This was a new pose for 2022. Now that the baby can run, we have more options.

Meet Maddie!

Maddie and Larry have very active boys. They like their son’s personalities to show in photos, so we do a lot of action shots. Interactive images are what we do with the Brown family. Over the years, we have perfected the toddler toss, swinging the baby, and running to mom & dad shoots. Maddie says she has a wall full of fun beach portraits to remember all stages of the boys’ lives.

Orange beach photographers

This is a recreation photo. The youngest son was not even born when we started taking the boardwalk shot.

As soon as I meet a family, I start sizing them up.

What are their capabilities? Do they seem playful or reserved? Then we get after it! Even the most formal grandparents will usually loosen up enough to get that sweet photo holding hands & walking on the beach. Throw in a grandchild or two, and we get big smiles!

sweet family interactive photography

This was a sweet moment between mom, dad and kids.

What is your favorite photography style?

Do you like formal, looking at the camera, traditional portraits? Or are you a candid, lifestyle sort of person? Either way, the beach is the place to get great shots of you and your family! Kick-off your shoes & hit the sand, ready to smile, walk, run, jump, or just sit and relax. All these photos will be simply splendid, just because you are at the beach with the ones you love!

Perdido Key photographers

Well, they did get their clothes wet. I have been waiting for the opportunity to take a photo of brothers with their shirts off.

Family photo poses are a way to express yourself.

We never get the same shot twice. Even with the exact instructions, each person interprets them differently. I love to explain quickly, for example, “pick up the baby” and see what happens. Always different, always sweet!