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When vacationing with friends and family, it is always fun to hire a family photographer!  Meet the Carter’s from Texas!  They are traveling with friends and one of the activities that these 3 families added to their must-have list was photos.

Let Beach Shutters capture you being you!

A good family photographer can capture your family being a family.  Your only job is to have fun, play and interact with your people.  We will click, click and click.  Then we will edit, edit and edit.  You will be happy, happy, well you get it, lol!

Let the kids be kids.

Talking to the kids before a session is a good idea.  Explain to them what is expected, and if needed offer a reward for good behavior.  Then when it is time for photos, let them do their thing.  Playing, twirling, running, even splashing can make the cutest photos.  Some of my favorite photos are of a whole group, not even looking at the camera.

I am watching you!

As a family photographer, I am always looking for the shot.  I cannot even help it.  While you are playing, gathering the kids, or even talking to your spouse, I am looking at expressions and backgrounds.  You may not even realize it, but you are on candid camera.  When you show up, be on!  As soon as you step out on to the beach, my lens cap comes off and I am in the zone.

My goal is to capture your family as authentically as possible.

I love lifestyle photos that represent your family’s interactions as naturally as possible.  Images that make you smile and bring back great memories, this is what I want for you!

If you would like more information about booking a family beach session, please give us a call at (251) 228-0172.

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