Family portraits

So you’re thinking about taking family portraits while you’re on vacation in Orange Beach.

You are not alone. Now you are thinking “my husband and kids will never agree to this”. They actually will! You would be surprised to hear how many moms start out our conversation like this. Vacation time is not like being at home. Sports, school, work, and life are all getting in our way at home. While on vacation, there is more downtime, more “us’ time. The gang usually sticks together, especially around meal time. This is the perfect way to slip in the family portraits idea. On the way to our yummy seafood dinner, let’s meet Beach Shutters for a few photos! It is that easy.

When we meet at the beach, we will keep it casual and simple.

There will be nothing stiff about your session. My goal is to show the natural family bonds and the love for each other. Let’s face it, dad will be happier knowing he is on his way to some fried shrimp. Remind him of the fishing charter that awaits him tomorrow, lol! Bribe the kids if you have to, just get the pictures! The beach makes the best background, and a vacation state-of-mind is the best attitude. Life moves on so quickly. Get the family portraits you want now, so they can be your treasure later!


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