Two Family Sessions in Orange Beach

Here are a few shots from our Family sessions in Orange Beach last week.
Let me introduce you to the beautiful Bentle family!  It was surprisingly warm for this time of year, making it feel like summer at the beach. The water was pretty and temps were warm enough to go barefoot.  The Bentle’s said it had been about 5 years since their last family photos.  Hope (their daughter) was so awesome in front of the camera that I could photograph her smiles all day!  Literally, such an easy family to work with!

Many of my clients are referrals.

 It is funny how things work that way! One family has a good experience, so they tell another, and so on!  In this case, I had photographed their relatives, the Schneider’s a week before.  Here is a few sneak peeks for you to enjoy from both of their family sessions in Orange Beach last week.  Thank you, Schneider family for sending the Bentle’s my way!  

I am looking forward to tourist season this year.  

The calls and emails have started and I already have several family sessions on the calendar.  This gets me in the photo mood and ready to jump into a great vacation season.  I really do absolutely love my job, and you are the reason.  Thank you all for bringing your vacation attitudes and contagious smiles my way.  It makes my day to see each and every family at sunset photos in Orange Beach!
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The Bentle Family

Orange Beach Vacation Pictures

4 Generations

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Baby Ellie