5 Reasons to take Family Vacation Portraits while you are here in Orange Beach

5 Reasons to take Family Vacation Portraits while you are here in Orange Beach.  Over the past decade, taking family portraits while on vacation has become a tradition. When I lived in Atlanta, I would start planning family vacation photos as soon as I started planning our trip. Packing white shirts and jeans for every family member to wear was as important to me as packing the sunscreen & flip flops! What makes these portraits so important? I think our photos are the little legacies of our lives and experiences. Each family photo is a window into a time that we value. For most of us, our Vacation is very valuable and one of the most important parts of our lives. After one is over, we start thinking about the next. When our life goes back to normal and we are back home, the images that were captured while on vacation makes us genuinely happy.

1.Family photos tell a story.

Our Photos tell us and others what is important to us. I have had to evacuate my home in Orange Beach several times due to approaching hurricanes. The first things I load in the car are my photos and my computer (because it has photos stored on it). I also take the artwork that the kids made when they were little. The rest is replaceable. The most important people and life moments are preserved in photographs, these are our stories. They all add up to be little pieces of our own personal puzzle. When putting the puzzle together you can see the whole picture. The yearly vacation is a great opportunity to schedule family vacation portraits. This is a time that everyone is together, relaxed, and usually in the best of moods! This will be one of the puzzle pieces that makes you smile back when you come across these images years down the road.

2. A photograph can freeze a moment in time.

A photo is the best way to hold on to a memory. Since I have had my kids, I realize how important capturing their everyday lives is to me. I admit I had the camera in their face more than most moms, but looking back I am so glad I did. It makes me fill with pride every time I stroll down memory lane.  Getting to see just how blessed I am to have them in my life. Sometimes it is just something little, like catching a photo of the way my son smiles when he is playing soccer or the way my daughter used to put clothes on the cat. These moments will be gone right away, so I am so thankful to have the images that will make me smile later. That box of photos can bring up so many happy emotions. Yes, I know that today, most of our photos are on a screen, but the feelings are the same. I am always reminded of just how fast time goes by. Life happens so quickly, the best way to hold on to our memories are with photos.

3. Vacation time is my favorite time of the year.

If you are like me, I daydream about my vacations for months in advance. When the time finally gets here, it goes by all too quickly! I think time speeds up when we are on vacation. When I look back at photos that were taken while at the beach, the details of the trip come rushing back. There are even parts of a picture that I may have missed by being in the moment. By trying to look at everything, I may have missed one very special part of the moment. Maybe the way the water was sparkling in the distance, or the clouds were especially fluffy that day. These images can transport me to a different place and time. Bringing back that carefree vacation feeling and allowing me to see the beauty of my surroundings again.

4. A photograph is Art.

Can you think of a better art subject than your family vacation portraits? A nice landscape or a beach photo would make a nice display in your home, but what if your family is part of the photo? This makes the landscape more meaningful. There is an artist in all of us. Photography allows us to express this side of ourselves. We each have slightly different taste and styles, but for the most part, a well-captured photo makes everyone feel good. So pick up a few empty frames at the store, you can fill your home with family art. The colors of the sunset or the dunes by the Gulf are the perfect backdrop for your family art!

5. It is a good way to share the Love.

Giving someone a family photo is also an opportunity to share your memory with them. That old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is so true. Try to tell the story of how cute the rosy-cheeked kids were when they were snuggled up together at the beach. Your story can only be told by showing your family and friends your vacation photos. it also makes gift giving so easy! Grandparents love to get family photos for Christmas and birthdays! Nothing makes them more proud than being able to show-off their grandbabies.



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See you at the Beach!