Sunset Photoshoot?

What is the big deal about Sunset for my Photoshoot?

Sunset is the perfect lighting for your Photoshoot. Click here to see an example of a photo session in progress. Sunrise is magnificent also, but really,  5:45 AM while on vacation does not appeal to everyone.   We appreciate those willing to get up so early to dress and clean up for your sunrise photo shoot.  Enough about the trials of getting dressed up for your Photoshoot; let’s talk about light. The best light is consistently 30 minutes before the sun sets and 30 minutes after the sun comes up. Have you ever tried removing your sunglasses at the beach and opening your eyes thoroughly? Probably no. The sun is too bright for most people, with or without sensitive eyes. Even if you manage to open your eyes, you will most definitely squint.

For this reason alone, a sunset photoshoot is a must.

Shadows are another issue that magical sunset lighting eliminates. The sun will cast unwanted shadows on your face at any other time of day. The soft light provided at Sunset is virtually shadow-free. Low lighting is where my pro-level Camera and lens come into play.   With low light, you think we cannot get the shot. Well, with a few adjustments and presets, we not only get it, but we also love it! The camera ear is all dialed in for this time of day and so sophisticated that we rarely need a flash. Next, let’s discuss the south Alabama heat.

It is hot here just about all year long.

Luckily the Sunset offers cooler temps for our photo sessions—less heat and less sweat to edit and a more comfortable client. Comfortable clients (dads in particular) make happy clients, haha! Lastly, the crowds of sunbathers have had their sun and fun for the day. They are all packed up and headed out to dinner by the time we get there for our photos. There are a so means that I have fewer people to edit from your background! There, you have it! There are s  many reasons to schedule a sunset photoshoot with Beach Shutters.

Want to see more of our beach portraits taken at Sunset (or sunrise)? Go to our portfolio or blog page. 99% of our photos were taken at this time of day.