What should I wear?

Now that you have scheduled a photo session at the beach, the next decision is always, “What should I wear”?

  • My best advice is to keep your clothing simple. Forget the photo rules you have heard, and make your own decisions. Wear whatever makes you comfortable!
  • Don’t stress about the color choice. The good news is that all colors look great at the beach!   Pastels, bold colors, and black and white are all excellent choices for beach portraits.
  • Do wear sunscreen & hairspray. Sunburns can happen & will affect your finished photo, so please wear plenty of sunblock in the days leading up to your session. Tan lines are another worry for some people. Remember to apply plenty of sunscreen around your shoulder and eyes. Sunglasses can leave you with raccoon eyes when removed, lol! On photo day, use a little extra hairspray or gel to keep the flyaways under control. Wind and humidity are going to be present. The more products you can use,  the better.


  • Get plenty of rest the night before your session. If you are exhausted, you will look tired. Go to bed at a reasonable time to wake up refreshed and ready. Vacation day naps are a must for children & very enjoyable for parents.
  • Drink lots of water! Good hydration will make skin glow and look fabulous.
  • Should we wear shoes or go barefoot? Most families choose to skip shoes. That is good news & one less clothing item to purchase. Wear your old flip-flops; we will kick them off when we hit the sand.
  • What should I wear on my face? Besides sunblock leading up to photos, wear foundation o powder to even out skin tones, and go ahead and use chapstick or lip gloss! The sun can be drying for the lips, and blotting sweat with powder takes away the shine.
  • Bring a towel or wipes. It will likely be hot and humid during your session in the summer.   A sweaty brow can mess up a perfect photo.


  • When coordinating the family wardrobe, remember that anything goes at the beach. It is no longer a khaki &  white portrait world. Although this is still a classic option, you are free to mix and match, even dare to do so! If you are in doubt, pastels are an easy choice.
  • It is ok to wear sleeves. Let’s face it, we all have problem areas. Wear a sweater or long sleeves if you don’t like your arms. Layers are lovely at the beach and can be removed right after your photo in warmer clothes. So go ahead and cover up if you feel the need. On the other hand, if you love your beach body? Show it off!
  • I like the look of Flowy Clothes. The sea breeze will likely be blowing, and flowing skirts and scarves give a soft beachy look. Keep in mind that if you choose to wear a flowy collar (many children’s dresses have more oversized monogrammed collars). Try to pin the fabric down, or use double-sided tape. So many times, the wind takes a collar, scarf, or hair right across a sweet smiling face just as I click!
  • If you still need ideas, visit our blog page or portfolio page to see what other families have worn for their beach portraits. Our website (or any other beach photographer’s) is full of inspiration!