FAQ – Things to do in Orange Beach

Thank you for visiting our FAQ – Things to do in Orange Beach. Beach Shutters would like to offer a few “things to do in Orange Beach.” Here we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions our clients have asked over the years. Beach Shutters FAQ page is about more than just your photoshoot. 

Got Questions?

What services do you offer? Beach Shutters is primarily natural light, lifestyle photographer, offering family beach portraits, wedding photography & real estate photographer.

Where are you located? The beautiful Alabama Gulf Coast is our workplace. Our hometown beaches are Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan & Perdido Key.

When do you take photos? The Golden Hour is the best time to take pictures, at sunset or sunrise.

Why take family photos? To capture a moment that is soon to be gone forever & impossible to reproduce.

How do we sign-up? Contact us to get started. We do our best to keep the process simple.

Beach Shutters has answers to our Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs). Let’s start with booking. If you have already decided to make us your local photographer, the steps to book are simple. We ask that you start with the questionnaire (link above). The booking questions allow us to know your travel dates, the number of people in your family & the best location for your photos. After receiving your info, we will get back to you on our availability and send a booking proposal (through Sprout Bookings). A Sprout proposal includes a link to pay the retainer. The contract will include an estimated start time (weather permitting) and the address or link to the closest photo location. It is an easy process!

How much will a photo session cost?

Thoughtfully, we display our prices for everyone to see before booking. All of our packages are on the Investment page. There are no hidden fees or sitting fees. Our high-resolution, digital images are delivered within 1-8 weeks via a downloadable link (PixieSet) for you to print anywhere. We like to keep our process as simple as possible, with no back and forth. We do not sell prints. Selling only digital packages keeps your printing cost low so that that big canvas can be in your budget.

Want to know more about Beach Shutters Photography?

Anyone thinking of booking a photo session with a photographer in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores would probably like to see examples of our work, correct? We have thousands of samples for you to browse through! While you are visiting our webpage, click ar und. Each portfolio post will contain several images. The same is true about our blog page and a few published works.  If you still want to see more, we have all of the social media you can imagine. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business. We post everywhere!

What makes Beach Shutters different?

BSP is a lifestyle & documentary photographer serving the Alabama gulf coast and surrounding area. Family interactions are encouraged during our time together—more than smiling at the camera. The objective is to tell your story and document a time in your life. Photo sessions with us are barefoot on the beach and full of love & laughter. Beach photography is not like the studio photos you endured in your childhood. Let’s do this!

Do you travel to other locations?

Vacation beach portraits are trendy here on the Alabama coast. From March- to September, we are booked solid here on our home turf. October -February is slower for Orange Beach and Gulf Shores tourism. This Fall/Winter Break allows for much-needed tr vel. We frequently book sessions in the Destin area and beyond. It is a nice change of scenery and a fun road trip. So yes! We do travel to other locations when our schedule allows.

Thank you for reading our FAQ & Things to Do in Orange Beach page!

If you have suggestions for items to be added to my page, please email me beachshutters@gmail.com, and I will add them to the list.

There are so many fun things to do in Orange Beach!

Our little coastal community that I call home is also one of the most fabulous family vacation destinations on the Gulf Coast! As a local, my most frequently asked question, or “FAQ,” is: “What are some fun things to do in Orange Beach?” The obvious answer would be to go to the beach! Orange Beach does have beautiful blue-green water and white sand! Grab your sunscreen and visit the beach for sure. Afterward, the possibilities are endless! Gulf Shores and Orange Beach has something for everyone!

Beach Shutters would like to support our local beaches in Leaving Only Footprints. Thank you for joining us to keep our beaches beautiful and respect the protected areas. 

FAQ Things to do in Orange Beach
image from our FAQ page walking the dogs
Photo of Couple taking a dip on the beach at sunset

See our FAQ’s below

Sunset Photoshoot?2023-03-08T14:59:53-06:00

Sunset Photoshoot?

What is the big deal about Sunset for my Photoshoot?

Sunset is the perfect lighting for your Photoshoot. Click here to see an example of a photo session in progress. Sunrise is magnificent also, but really,  5:45 AM while on vacation does not appeal to everyone.   We appreciate those willing to get up so early to dress and clean up for your sunrise photo shoot.  Enough about the trials of getting dressed up for your Photoshoot; let’s talk about light. The best light is consistently 30 minutes before the sun sets and 30 minutes after the sun comes up. Have you ever tried removing your sunglasses at the beach and opening your eyes thoroughly? Probably no. The sun is too bright for most people, with or without sensitive eyes. Even if you manage to open your eyes, you will most definitely squint.

For this reason alone, a sunset photoshoot is a must.

Shadows are another issue that magical sunset lighting eliminates. The sun will cast unwanted shadows on your face at any other time of day. The soft light provided at Sunset is virtually shadow-free. Low lighting is where my pro-level Camera and lens come into play.   With low light, you think we cannot get the shot. Well, with a few adjustments and presets, we not only get it, but we also love it! The camera ear is all dialed in for this time of day and so sophisticated that we rarely need a flash. Next, let’s discuss the south Alabama heat.

It is hot here just about all year long.

Luckily the Sunset offers cooler temps for our photo sessions—less heat and less sweat to edit and a more comfortable client. Comfortable clients (dads in particular) make happy clients, haha! Lastly, the crowds of sunbathers have had their sun and fun for the day. They are all packed up and headed out to dinner by the time we get there for our photos. There are a so means that I have fewer people to edit from your background! There, you have it! There are s  many reasons to schedule a sunset photoshoot with Beach Shutters.

Want to see more of our beach portraits taken at Sunset (or sunrise)? Go to our portfolio or blog page. 99% of our photos were taken at this time of day.

What should I wear?2023-03-08T15:02:08-06:00

What should I wear?

Now that you have scheduled a photo session at the beach, the next decision is always, “What should I wear”?

  • My best advice is to keep your clothing simple. Forget the photo rules you have heard, and make your own decisions. Wear whatever makes you comfortable!
  • Don’t stress about the color choice. The good news is that all colors look great at the beach!   Pastels, bold colors, and black and white are all excellent choices for beach portraits.
  • Do wear sunscreen & hairspray. Sunburns can happen & will affect your finished photo, so please wear plenty of sunblock in the days leading up to your session. Tan lines are another worry for some people. Remember to apply plenty of sunscreen around your shoulder and eyes. Sunglasses can leave you with raccoon eyes when removed, lol! On photo day, use a little extra hairspray or gel to keep the flyaways under control. Wind and humidity are going to be present. The more products you can use,  the better.


  • Get plenty of rest the night before your session. If you are exhausted, you will look tired. Go to bed at a reasonable time to wake up refreshed and ready. Vacation day naps are a must for children & very enjoyable for parents.
  • Drink lots of water! Good hydration will make skin glow and look fabulous.
  • Should we wear shoes or go barefoot? Most families choose to skip shoes. That is good news & one less clothing item to purchase. Wear your old flip-flops; we will kick them off when we hit the sand.
  • What should I wear on my face? Besides sunblock leading up to photos, wear foundation o powder to even out skin tones, and go ahead and use chapstick or lip gloss! The sun can be drying for the lips, and blotting sweat with powder takes away the shine.
  • Bring a towel or wipes. It will likely be hot and humid during your session in the summer.   A sweaty brow can mess up a perfect photo.


  • When coordinating the family wardrobe, remember that anything goes at the beach. It is no longer a khaki &  white portrait world. Although this is still a classic option, you are free to mix and match, even dare to do so! If you are in doubt, pastels are an easy choice.
  • It is ok to wear sleeves. Let’s face it, we all have problem areas. Wear a sweater or long sleeves if you don’t like your arms. Layers are lovely at the beach and can be removed right after your photo in warmer clothes. So go ahead and cover up if you feel the need. On the other hand, if you love your beach body? Show it off!
  • I like the look of Flowy Clothes. The sea breeze will likely be blowing, and flowing skirts and scarves give a soft beachy look. Keep in mind that if you choose to wear a flowy collar (many children’s dresses have more oversized monogrammed collars). Try to pin the fabric down, or use double-sided tape. So many times, the wind takes a collar, scarf, or hair right across a sweet smiling face just as I click!
  • If you still need ideas, visit our blog page or portfolio page to see what other families have worn for their beach portraits. Our website (or any other beach photographer’s) is full of inspiration!
How long does it take to get my photos?2023-03-08T15:04:00-06:00

How long does it take to get my photos?

The answer to this question, “How long does it take to get my photos,” varies. Our turnaround can be as little as one week or as long as eight weeks, depending on the season.

Beach Shutters takes pride in our editing process, so we may take more time to deliver your digital images than the average beach photographer. We are extremely busy with photos during June, July, and August. However, let us know if you need to be moved ahead for any reason. We will happily drive you forward in the line-up for a fee. We understand how anxious you are to announce your engagement or show off maternity photos.

Thank you for being so patient.

We are just as excited about your beach portraits as you are! Our editing process does take more time than our actual photo sessions. For this reason, we do get backed up. Each photo’s attention includes color correction, white balance, and cropping. Beach Shutters Photography also whitens teeth and brightens eyes. Other edits include sky enhancement, sand whitening, and removing items from the background. Upon request, we can remove blemishes, wrinkles, and scars.

Don’t hesitate to ask us, “How long does it take to get my photos”?

Before booking, we can give a reasonable estimate on photo delivery. As always, we verbally give our best estimate as we close each session.


What if it rains?2023-03-08T15:04:57-06:00

What if it rains?

“What if it Rains” on our photo day? The answer is the weather will more than likely clear up. We have a plan in case it does.

Here are a few of my suggestions:

What if it rains on my Photo day? How can I ensure I get my photos during my vacation? Schedule photos at the beginning of your vacation. Scheduling early allows a make-up day if we get rain on your picture day. We are booked every evening at sunset during the prime summer months, so if we have to reschedule, it may have to be a late afternoon session or a sunrise. If there is no good time for your family, Beach Shutters will give you a full refund.

Afternoon storms are expected during the summer.

As the days heat up, clouds build and stir-up thunderstorms. These usually come around 4-5 pm. I am very thankful for these afternoon showers. They cool the beach, wash away footprints, and run the sunbathers inside. The rain has usually passed by photo time, and we have a lovely setting for our session!

Let’s check the radar!

Just because it is raining at the Gulf State Park doesn’t mean it is raining at Alabama Point East. If there are sunset showers, there is a chance they are isolated. In this case, we can check the radar, pack up the family and go down the coast a few miles for clear weather. I have had this happen many times, and it works fine. One family rained out of their favorite spot was flexible enough to try a city beach in Gulf Shores. We relocated and got terrific photos! They said they wanted to meet at the Gulf Shores beach the following year! Now they have a new favorite spot!

Clouds are beautiful! If it is threatening rain, I like to go ahead and take photos.

As long as there is no lightning and rain, the clouds make a magical background for beach photos. So don’t let the weather worry you too much. If it does happen to rain, we will reschedule if there is any way possible. We can take indoor photos or happily refund your deposit if it does not work out!

If you need a rainy day plan for your family, consider these suggestions: The Wharf movie theater, Brandon Styles show at OWA, The Factory indoor trampoline park, Tambo’s skate shop, or Fat Daddy’s arcade Gulf Shores. These are a few of our daughter’s indoor activities to enjoy. After all, you know what they say, “a rainy day at the beach is better than a day at the office”!

Thanks for taking the time to read my “What if it Rains” FAQ!

Fun things to do in Orange Beach!2023-03-08T15:06:56-06:00

Fun things to do in Orange Beach

There are so many fun things to do in Orange Beach!

Here are our suggestions. This little coastal community I call home is also one of the most fabulous family vacation destinations on the Gulf Coast! As a local, here are my FAQ: “what to do while in Orange Beach,” short and long answers. Of course, you are here for the beach! We have beautiful blue-green water and white sand, so grab your sunscreen and visit the beach! Aside from a day at the beach, there are so many other activities that Orange Beach offers:

Hit the Back Country Trails!

Walking trails are in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. If you see an entrance, check it out! They allow biking and skating, two more fun things to do in Orange Beach!

Get Artsy!

The Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach is a destination in itself! This place is fantastic. I have photographed many families and weddings at this location. It is on the bay in Orange Beach, sitting under the oaks with hanging moss. The buildings themselves are picturesque. You will find local artists’ work on display and for sale. There is also a very impressive Clay Studio and the Hot Shop. Both offer classes to make pottery or stained glass. Please stop in and see their demonstrations; they always welcome visitors!

Let’s Go Shopping!

No matter what you are looking for, you will find that Orange Beach has some unique shops. My favorite shopping for casual clothing and the home is Salt Coastal Outfitters on the beach road. This store carries comfy beach-style clothing and accessories with styles all its own! Whenever my sister comes to town, she wants to go to Salt! Another great store for you ladies is Wildflowers Boutique on Canal Rd. It also carries very stylish clothes at an affordable price.
If the whole family is shopping together, you can’t go wrong at the Wharf. They offer something for everyone. Just start at Shades and spread out from there! I suggest Sunday brunch at Ginny Lane’s. Trey and I like to spoil ourselves about one Sunday a month with Brunch and Jazz.

Fishing and Watersports!

I did not forget about you, fellas! The fishing is nut’s around here. Countless charter boats go out daily, and I hear great things about so many. I have been on a few walk-on trips and highly recommend the Reel Surprise. Randy and the crew have been doing this for years and have a great system.

How about Parasailing? Now that is a fun thing to do in Orange Beach!

Parasailing, jet ski rental, and other water sports are at Pleasure Island Parasail. Chip and Kerry have all of these covered for you and the kids! Please don’t be scared; I have participated in all of these activities with them and had a blast!
Sail the Wildhearts for a fun adventure for the whole family. Trey and I also have taken this cruise at sunset for our anniversary. They serve fresh fruit and snacks, and you bring your drinks. Very fun and romantic! The least expensive boating excursion, and probably my favorite, is a dolphin cruise on the Fun Boat!

Keep your Mind and Body In Shape!

There are two great yoga options in the area. In Gulf Shores, I highly recommend Glow Yoga. They even offer Hot classes if you like to sweat. Orange Beach visitors can find a classy mobile studio called Orange Beach Yoga.


The most popular daytime activity for the kiddos is Waterville! They have everything, from waterslides and roller coasters to a surfing simulator! After a day at the waterpark, you can take them to the Track or Adventure Island for more games and fun!

There are Angels in Pensacola!

I have two enjoyable suggestions for kid activities. Check the Blue Angels website to see when the Angels are practicing. The Navy base is not too far away, and the practice show is like the real deal, with no crowds. You can also visit the Air Museum.

Ah, But there are more Fun Things to Do!

Similar to this, but in the other direction, is the Battleship in Mobile for you boys. I bet you can convince mom to make the day trip if you promise to stop by Fairhope on the way! Here you will find great shopping and dining.

Night Life

You may have heard of the FloraBama. It is right there between, you guessed it, Florida and Alabama. It is worth saying you have been—an experience for sure. Also, check the schedule at the Wharf’s Amphitheater. I have seen many great concerts under the stars at this local venue! A very entertaining evening out for my family is the Brandon Styles Show. Brandon’s dinner theater at OWA is in the city of Foley. If you can get tickets, do it! You and the whole family will enjoy this clean Vegas-style family show!

OWA also has an amusement park with rollercoasters, an indoor water park, and many shops and dining activities for the whole family.

Have fun!

I hope my long list of favorites is helpful. I will admit I am a bit spoiled living here in Orange Beach. There are so many things to do! If you have any suggestions of your own that I failed to mention, please let me know. Have a great vacation, and update your family photos with Beach Shutters photography again this year!

There are so many fun things to do in Orange Beach; I have hardly scratched the surface! Thank you for reading our extended FAQ Fun Things to do in Orange Beach post!

See You at the Beach!



WHERE TO EAT2023-03-08T15:09:32-06:00

Where to EAT?

Our most frequently asked question (FAQ) Things to do in Orange Beach are unrelated to pictures, but just as important, Where to EAT! I get it; your family has been swimming all day. Now, you’re starving and ready to eat seafood!
It is dinner time now that you are all dressed for sunset beach portraits. Let’s go, EAT!!!

Here are my recommendations for dinner in no particular order:

Where to eat in Orange Beach

Cosmos – This casual dining experience offers a lovely patio with live music and good food year-round.

BIG FISH –  Our favorite place for upscale dining. If you are looking for good seafood, this is your best bet.

Cobalt – A waterfront restaurant is somewhat upscale and has an excellent sunset dinner with a water view.
Fishers – Fancy diners love Fishers; it is an upscale dining experience.
OSO at Bear Point If you need a break from the Beach and want to watch a sunset on the bay, OSO is an excellent choice. The food is good and reasonably priced, to boot.
The Gulf – The owner of the Hangout in Gulf Shores started a little break-off restaurant called the Gulf in Orange Beach. It is one of my favorite places to grab a cold drink and fantastic food and watch the ships enter.
The TIKI bar – The Tiki is an outdoor bar and restaurant. You can drive your car or boat to this iconic Orange Beach eatery.
Voyagers – A fine dining experience. Date night for mom and dad. (I would hire a sitter for the little ones).

Where to eat in Gulf Shores

Desoto’s Seafood Kitchen – The best lunch in town, hands down—affordable with blue plate specials. Be sure to try the Flounder and the homemade MacNcheese.
Bahama Bobs – My personal favorite. If you want to try the best burger in the Gulf of Mexico, you should check them out. For those wanting seafood, don’t worry. They have that too. It is on the Beach and stays packed, so try to go during non-peak times.
The Hang Out – As the name says, hanging out is a fun night for the whole family. There are games, live entertainment, bubble making, shops, photo ops, and a great atmosphere.

If you have access to a  boat or don’t mind a short drive check out these waterfront options:

Pirates Cove is a local hangout for people and dogs (not kidding about the dogs). You can come by boat or car. Try out the cheeseburger in paradise and have a Bushwacker. Bring a swimsuit for the kids. They can swim or jump off the dock while you are there.

Sunset Grill – My favorite sunset eatery. Here you will find casual dining on the water and experience one of the best sunsets in the area. Be sure to try the Grouper Poboy.

Flora Bama Yacht club – Get there by boat or by car. It is across from the FloraBama but different. The food and drinks are better and have a more family atmosphere. You can sit back and relax, enjoy a cold beverage, and watch live music with lunch or dinner.
If you are lucky enough to have a night out, just the adults, you must head down to the Flora Bama.   It is hot, sticky, dirty, and crowded, but you will love it. You can’t come that close and not visit. Kenny Chesney is not wrong 🙂