Fort Morgan Alabama Photographers

2021 is going to be a great year for Fort Morgan Alabama photographers!  Vacation planning has taken a turn over the past year.  With the current travel restrictions and concerns, the slow-paced, old fashion beach house has more appeal than ever.

All American vacation Fort Morgan Alabama photographers

2021 is all about getting back to basics. How about an All-American family vacation to Fort Morgan Alabama!

Alabama beaches are booming with new business.

Already we are getting inquires months in advance.  This tells me that we all need a vacation more than ever.  Not the usual jam-packed, rush around, make you exhausted vacation, but a relaxing break!  A leave-your-worries behind kind of break from reality.

Alabama beaches Gulf Shores

Get to know each other! Relax at the beach and really spend time with the fam!

Fort Morgan Alabama Photographers are available to meet you at your beach house.

There is no need to come into town for 2021 beach portraits.  This year we are offering a “no travel fee” to the Fort Morgan area.  Beach Shutters Photography understands the concerns of exposing the little ones and grandparents to crowds.  For this very reason, we have removed our travel fee for the whole year!

Gulf Shores vacations

Take in the sites!

Enjoy your family-friendly beach vacation.

Making the most of your Alabama beach vacation is easy.  You don’t even need to leave your rental home.  Here are a few suggestions for your stay & play vacay:  sandcastle building,  ride a wave or two-hundred,  hunt ghost crabs at night, and collect seashells with the family.

beach vacations Gulf Shores

Make more time for the things that you love.

Bring your own beach supplies.

This is the year to pack the kitchen sink, lol.  Not really, but do remember all of your supplies.  Our little FM area of Gulf Shores is secluded, making a trip to the store less convenient than staying in town.  Bring sunscreen, sand pails, beach chairs, flashlight & crab net, and plenty of groceries.

things to do in Fort Morgan Alabama

There is plenty of time for hugs!

When you plan your trip, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with your favorite Fort Morgan photographers!

After all, family beach photos are fun for the whole family!  It gives us a reason to dress up at the beach and documents our good times.  Furthermore, it is an activity that includes all ages.  From the youngest to the oldest in your group, a family beach portrait will be a treasure for years to come.

Spring Break Fort Morgan

Bring your sundress and floppy hats for photo day!