Fort Morgan Vacation

Is there a beach in Alabama that is not wall to wall condos?  Yes, your Fort Morgan vacation awaits.

Even at the height of tourist season, you can still spread out and relax with the family on our Fort Morgan beaches.  It is the undiscovered, less developed area of Alabama beaches.  You can truly vacation the old fashion way in Fort Morgan!

Fort Morgan beaches

Big Beach, Little town, Fort Morgan Alabama!

Make sure to stop at the grocery store on the way through town.

There is not a big store once you reach Fort Morgan Road.  This is good news!  Wind down and relax, your vacation starts now.  Hey, don’t fret if you missed the Walmart stop.  There is a couple of restaurants, and a convenience store or two.

Gulf Shores Alabama beaches

Once you have vacationed at Fort Morgan Beach, you will be hooked!

There are long stretches of white sandy beaches & plenty of shorelines.

This is Alabama, and our beaches are lovely!  The unspoiled, natural beaches of Fort Morgan make a great backdrop for your vacation photos.  That is where Beach Shutters Photography comes in.  We would love to be your Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and Fort Morgan photographers!

Kid friendly beaches Gulf Shores

Miles and miles of sandy Fort Morgan beaches.

Meet us at the beach!

Yes, the beach right outside your back door.  During the summer months, we usually meet families at the state park.  However, when you are staying in the Fort Morgan area, there is a good chance you are staying in a house.  This gives us room to spread out, without getting in the middle of the condo crowds.

Photography in Orange Beach

What a beautiful day for beach photos!

A Fort Morgan vacation is the perfect getaway for families of all sizes.

Whether you want to take the wife and kids away for the weekend or have a huge extended family reunion, it can happen here!  There are small beach cottages next door to 4 story mansions, it all depends on what you are looking for.  This stretch of beach is mostly residential, so there are lots of houses, big and small!