Girl Scouts at the Beach

Nothing is more rewarding than a photo session with Girl Scouts at the Beach. This group of young ladies earned their vacation by selling Girl Scout Cookies. Their little Troop of 4 is a mighty, determined group of girls! The Scout Leader, Ms. Lynn, was happy to supervise the trip, which included coordinating outfits, friend photos & a trip to Starbucks.

Photographers in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Having a Blast. Scout’s Honor!

Childhood memories are being made right here in Orange Beach.

Can you remember your favorite youth group, club, or sports team? The bonds that are made growing up together are lifelong. It is so sweet to see the wholesome goodness that brought the girls together, knowing they will probably stay connected for the rest of their lives.

Alabama beach photographers

We are keeping Childhood memories alive through photography.

Girl Scouts at the Beach make the cutest photos, don’t they?

What a fun morning we had celebrating and commemorating their accomplishments with photos. I think Ms. Lynn & I had as much fun watching the girls pose for pictures as the girls did, splashing and smiling. It was a real treat, as good as a box of Thin Mints!

Beach Vacations in Alabama

Besties at the Beach!

Allow me to brag for a moment.

The Troop leader told me this was not their only vacation together. The girls have sold enough cookies to qualify for a trip to Japan next year. Won’t that be something to look forward to? As I said, these girls are strong & mighty good salespeople. Scouts Honor!

Girls at the beach in Alabama.

Time well spent!

All their families back home were happy to see their smiling faces.

We posted a few photos on Facebook and Instagram for their moms to see how the vacation was going. Fun-tas-tic! How could it be anything different? Besties at the Beach, taking photos, swimming in the Gulf, jumping in the pool, doing what best friends do!

Girl Scouts of America

“That was fun!”
said, everyone!

It was a pleasure meeting all of the Girl Scouts at the Beach!

I wish you all a wonderful school year & even more success with next year’s cookie sales!