Got It from my Mama

These three cuties can say, “I got it from my mama”!  When I met this family, I immediately noticed that good looks run in the family. Not only were these three darlings beautiful, but they were also very well-behaved. It was sunset and past their bedtime, but not one tear was shed.

Plenty of smiles for the camera, even from the 4-month-old!

Margo couldn’t sit alone, but this little cutie could smile and goo. She was a delighted baby with no idea what a fun future she had. It was her first time on the beach, and as you can see, she liked it already. Visiting the beach house in Perdido Key, Florida, will be a family tradition that will be part of her life from now on. Little Mermaid in the making!

Family photography in Perdido Key, Florida.

Margo is four months old and already smiling for the camera!

Baby toes in the sand.

Billy is the middle cousin, and he is just learning to walk. When his parents let him down, he took off running down the boardwalk toward the sand & water. This is a future beach bum! Sandcastles and skimboarding will be coming soon for this little walker!

photographers in Perdido Key, Florida.

Billy at the beach! He is right at home, running around in the sand.

photographers in the Florida Panhandle area.

Beach days are better with your cousins!

This family knows how important it is to connect.

The oldest of the cousins is only one year old himself. His mama says he never smiles for photos, but he did today! He loves the beach and likes his new friend, Summer (my assistant). Already, Hugh loves the beach, just like his parents. A few times, he tried to go swimming during photos. I guess he will be the surfer dude of the group!

beach photographers on the Gulf Coast.

Hugh’s mom says he never smiles for family photos.

Fun photography at the beach on the Alabama gulf coast.

You better not smile!

Got It from my mama. It was a fitting title for my blog because of Laura.

This family reunion at the beach was to celebrate her birthday. All three of these beautiful grandbabies belong to her, and she was so proud to have her favorite beach babies visit to celebrate her big day. This big, beautiful family all started with her & Jack.

Perdido Key beach houses.

It is a very Happy Birthday for Laura. She has her three grandbabies with her at the beach!

Thank you for choosing Beach Shutters Photography to capture your family’s beach portraits. We look forward to seeing your growing family in the future!