Graduation Announcement Photos

It is time for graduation announcement photos!  Whether you have a senior in high school, college, or graduate school, now is the time to take your photos.  There is so much going on, believe me, I know!  Don’t let your big day sneak up on you without documenting your accomplishment.

beach portraits at the beach

A proud moment for Colby & Elisa!

Meet Colby!  He is in town for his graduation ceremony at our local Columbia Southern University.

I was lucky enough to take his wife’s graduation photos a couple of years ago.  This couple took turns getting their Masters’s Degree online through CSU.  Colby mentioned to me while I was taking Elisa’s photos that he would be next.  Colby kept his word!  Today I am taking his graduation announcement photos.

graduation day photos announcement

Yay! Colby, you did it! Congratulations.

It was a whirlwind of perfect timed activities this weekend.

The couple caught a flight into Pensacola for the graduation ceremony that was held in Foley.  Saturday morning, Colby walked with his class to receive his diploma, just like his wife did 2 years ago.  Afterward, we met at the same beach in Perdido Key that we took her photos.

photos of a couple

Happy times deserve photos.

The beach is a beautiful place to take graduation announcement photos!

As you would have it, there was a colorful sunset at the beach.  This is a common occurrence in October.  It seems that we get more vibrant skies than any other month.  I enjoyed seeing this sweet couple again and catching up on all of their accomplishments.

maternity photos at the beach

What? A daughter on the way? Such wonderful news.

What else is going on?

Well, there is another announcement that Colby & Elisa would like to make.  They are having a baby girl!  Not only did we take graduation photos, but also maternity announcements at the same time!

Masters Degree photos

You may kiss the graduate. He has his MBA!

Life couldn’t be any better for this power couple!

They both have their MBA just in time to welcome their daughter into the world.  In a few short months, they will be a family of 3!  Elisa says I can take their baby girls’ graduation photos at the same beach. I hope she was talking about kindergarten graduation announcement photos, lol!

baby on the way

The happy couple! They would like to announce that they will be a family of 3 soon.

Columbia Southern University graduation

That was a good day! Tomorrow we catch a flight home.