Why do photos make us happy?

A photograph reminds us of a place, activity, or people that we love and that brings up emotion.  Just look at a photo from your last family vacation, and it will instantly boost your mood!  Even if it is not your family, just seeing people enjoying themselves can make you feel happier.  Here are a few example photos that can brighten your day, I dare you not to smile!

photos boost your child's self-esteem

Pure joy!

Photos are storytellers.

Even better than a diary, photography keeps our good memories alive and at our fingertips.  This is probably why so many of us keep happy photos framed at our desk.  It reminds us of the good times with the ones that we love & gets us through the long workday.  Just looking at a picture from your warm and sunny beach vacation can warm your mood on a winter day.

don't worry be happy photos

Splash fight!

Santa photos in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores

Hi Santa! We have been good all year!

photographer Orange Beach

The best times are with you!

photography Gulf Shores

Yay! We are here


One little monkey!

How can we create Happy Photos?

Do you ever look at a photo and smile back?  What makes a feel-good photograph?  I believe it is color, light, and movement that bring life to photography.  Sometimes it involves stepping out of the box by taking a photo from another angle, or my favorite, smile at your loved ones!  Nothing brings up a genuine smile better than a tickle fight with mom, or a toss from dad.  Basically, just have fun, and I will be snapping.

Family fun pictures

Best day ever!

twirling at the beach

Spin til you drop

happy sisters

I can jump higher than you can!

Keep the mood light and happy!

Talk up your photo session beforehand with the kids.  Let them know that it will be fun and they will show up with a great attitude.  Let the kids be kids!  Lifestyle photos are all about showing life as it happens.  Running, playing and laughing are all a part of a fun-filled vacation, so let the good times flow into your happy photos.

Orange Beach vacation happy photos

That was a good day!

Please see our Beach Shutters photo gallery for more fun photos.

See you at the Beach!