HDR Real Estate Photography is now available in Orange Beach!

What is HDR photography?  HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and involves taking a series of photos at different exposures, then merging them together.  Simply put, this method accounts for all of the bright spot and dark areas in one dramatic image.  The advantage for our clients is that you can see the beautiful background out of the windows.

With HDR photography, a series of 3 or more photos are taken at once.

This allows adjustments in post edits to be made in contrasts and lighting.  As you can see, the result is a very clear crisp photo with a very dramatic look.  Here is a sample of our HDR real estate photography taken at a house on Ono Island in Orange Beach Alabama.

photographer in Orange Beach

Clean lines in this coastal kitchen

Do you like what you see?

The result is eye-catching and dramatic, which is perfect to show off properties and landscapes.  Beach Shutters Photography uses this technique in about 75% of our real estate photography.  HDR is especially helpful when taking photos on bright days.

real estate photography in Destin

Modern coastal design

Can you see what’s out there?

The process of using approximately 5 different exposures allows you to see out the window.  Therefore, on bright days,  it is now possible to see the landscape outdoors after adjustments in light and contrast.

real estate photographers in Gulf Shores

Farmhouse design

HDR Real Estate Photography is a favorite selling point for realtors.

There is no way to get the same effect with a single photo and shutter speed.  HDR takes multiple images and stitches them together for a rich look.  As a result, the bright, medium and low lights can be adjusted with edits.  Shadows can be removed, or added if necessary.

It is a manual process for us, therefore it is time-consuming.

The extra work involved in post-processing is labor-intensive but the end result is well worth the effort.  A few extra steps can go a long way, and that is our goal at Beach Shutters.  We always strive to be a step ahead of the competition, therefore we invest in our photos.

These are magazine quality photos that have a way of tricking your brain more than a regular photo.

Everything just seems more extreme with HDR photography.  It is what you see, but magnified with added clarity.  The colors are more colorful, the brights are brighter, and the lights and darks are adjusted.  This creates the “wow factor” that sells properties!

Thanks for reading my blog about HDR real estate photography.  Some other services that Beach Shutters Photography offers are family beach portraits, wedding photography, engagement sessions, and senior portraits.  We are excited to be your Photographers on the Alabama and Florida coast!