Instagram photos

There is a certain style that works well for Instagram photos.  So many of the younger families want this style of photography.  The traditional “look at the camera and say Cheese” days are over.  Interaction and playful photos are in!

Beach Shutters Photography

Hi Luna! Glad you could join us today.

Bring the baby and the dog to photos!

Pets are part of our family too.  I love that Katie & Brian chose to bring Luna, their Siberian Husky to photos this year.  She will be so cute on this year’s Christmas card, won’t she!

Siberian Husky at the beach in Gulf Shores

Such a sweet family beach portrait.

Besides social media, how will you display your Instagram photos?

More modern homes use photography as art.  Large, candid, or abstract photos displayed throughout the home are very popular right now.  Their son, picking up seashells, running on the beach, or laughing with mom & dad were some of Katie’s requests.  She also wanted pictures of the family hugging and looking out at the water photos.

Alabama beach photos

Hi Max! Are you having fun at photos?

This worked out well because Max is only 2 years old.

He didn’t necessarily want to stop and smile for the camera, lol.  He would rather run and play, basically everything his mom wanted in a photo session.  Fun, playful, and interactive, that was what we got.

Instagram photos Orange Beach

This is a great shot for a canvas. Can you see this blown up to 5ft? I can!

Keep it short and sweet for Instagram-looking photos.

We don’t need to get all posed up for this type of session, just keep moving.  As you know, toddlers and dogs don’t last long for beach portraits.  We took what we could get in 30 minutes, and called it a day.  A successful day at that!

social media photos

A great shot for Instagram or Facebook!

Of course, we had to get a few traditional beach portraits.

As a photographer, we know that at least one or two photos need to be taken while everyone is facing the camera and smiling.  This will make a great gift for the grandparents!

modern family photos

A great shot for the wall.

If you are looking for modern Instagram photos of your family, we have you covered.

Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach knows how to capture your family at its best.  Candid, playful, and fun photos coming your way!