It Runs in the Family

Hey, how did you get so cute? It runs in the family for Cozi & Bridge! Luckily, mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are all photogenic & relaxed in front of the camera. This photo session was a breeze, and believe it or not. We got it done in about 20 minutes flat.

Beach Shutters Photography

I got it from my Parents!

There was a storm brewing.

I am talking full-on summertime thunder boomer, not just a little shower! For this reason, we had to run out there and get our photos asap. There was no time for introductions, picking the best background, or hiking down the shoreline. It was on! Run, snap, hurry, lol!

Family beach photos in Orange Beach

It is a generational thing!

The Neilson family was smiling like pros as the thunder rolled in.

We stayed as long as we felt safe, then ran for it. I was sure happy to see as I loaded my card that we had gotten all the photos they wanted in half the time we needed. As always, teamwork is dreamwork. They all chipped in to help arrange family and make the kids smile, which was very easy!

Cuteness, It runs in the Family!

The Whole Gang!

Cuteness, remember, it runs in the family!

Along with great attitudes and willingness to get it done! It has been a rainy summer, so many times this year, we have had our share of weather-related challenges. As a photographer at the beach, we are continuously checking our weather apps and working around popup storms, windy days, and heat. Goodness, we won’t even talk about the heat, lol!

Perdido Key photography

Cozi was not sure about the water!

The good news, we are headed into early Fall.

September through November is my favorite time to be at the beach because there are fewer people, lower temperatures, and warm water. Furthermore, the gulf is at its prettiest blue in the Fall too. Maybe it is my imagination, but I have taken some of my favorite landscape and beach portraits this year.

mini session in Orange Beach.

Get photos in before the storm hits!

The Men at photos

The Men of the House

What is your favorite time of the year to vacation at the beach?

I know, any day at the beach is a good day, but if you had to pick, would you choose this time of year? Remember to schedule your family photos with your favorite Orange Beach photographers. No matter when you are visiting, we are here to take your family beach portraits!