J.J. & Lindsay planned this last-minute wedding in a week, right down to the photography!

Oh, this wedding has been in the making for quite some time.  As 2020 would have it, plans change, and there is not much we can do about it.  Lindsay & J.J. took it in stride.  Their State Park BIG wedding became a small, intimate, beach house wedding.  As fate would have it, the wedding was fairy-tale perfection!

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Here Come the Brides!

It worked out perfectly!

The important people were able to make it, our weather was agreeable, and the brides were absolutely beautiful!

Last-minute wedding Orange Beach

Dancing in the wind!

That is right, Brides!  How lovely are these ladies!  It was a fun, casual ceremony in the courtyard behind the beach house.  Knowing the last-minute photography was arranged set them at ease, they said.  Luckily, Beach Shutters was available and so very happy to photograph the wedding.

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Simply beautiful!

Keeping things simple was the key to last-minute wedding photography.

Rolling with the punches is the 2020 theme, and this was yet another obstacle to overcome.  Hiring a photographer for your wedding can be time-consuming.  Usually the couple shops around and looks at several portfolios.  There was no time for this one.. the countdown was on!  J.J. arranged the 2-hour wedding package that we offer for small weddings.

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You & Me, married by the Sea.

Beach Shutters Photography has got this.

wedding vows at the beach

Beach House vows.

Portraits at the beach are our thing.  Our photographers are familiar with beach lighting, weather conditions, and wind directions.  Taking everything into consideration, we got to work and captured this wedding & the personalities to go along with it.  Furthermore, these ladies were so excited about their Big Day, nothing could contain their excitement.  The photos show the love that they have for each other!

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Ready to do this!

Even though it was last-minute, this wedding photography rocks!

Last-minute wedding

Be ready in a minute!

Obviously, the brides are very photogenic, and the waves were all stirred up, giving a magical appearance.  Believe it or not, the wind was kicking.   It was blowing at a steady 15-20 mph.  This makes our positioning tricky with hair blowing & such.  With a little instruction, we were able to stand in a way that the wind did not affect the outcome of our photos.  In fact, the extra breeze brought life to photography.  Wedding art!  In conclusion, we would love to be your photographer in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, or Perdido Key.

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Guests of honor!