Leave Only Footprints

Over the past few years, the Alabama gulf coast has pushed the Leave Only Footprints campaign hard. The reasoning behind the movement is to protect our dunes & sea oats. Not only are the natural areas of our beach beautiful, but they also serve a purpose. The vegetation holds the dunes together, and in turn, the dunes protect against storm damage.

dunes in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The sunset over our healthy sea oats!

Many people have no idea that sea oats are protected.

For this reason, I would like to ask that all of my clients speak to their children before photos. The sandy hills & vegetation are so tempting for little feet. I see the look in kids’ eyes often “wouldn’t that be a fun hiding spot.” What I have found, though, is that children love to hear the story about the dunes and why they are protected. It makes for an interactive conversation that children & adults can relate to.

Keep off the dunes in Alabama

Keep your beaches beautiful by leaving only footprints.

At the height of summer, the sea oats are their healthiest.

Bright green plants in the white sand are as lovely as the water coastline, in my opinion. When we meet our clients for photos at the state park, I always try to vary the backgrounds equally. At certain times of the year, the sun sets right over a patch of greenery & the view is quite spectacular!

Leave only footprints at the beach Orange Beach.

Alabama Point East is our favorite sunrise photo location!

Sandy beaches are for walks & leaving only footprints.

Let’s all remember this and pick up our trash and respect the plant life. I would hate to lose such a beautiful piece of nature, which happens to be one of my favorite photography backgrounds. For this reason, I will briefly mention the rules at the beginning of each session.

Leave only footprints in Perdido Key Florida

Our favorite Perdido Key Photo location, Johnson’s Beach!

Keep up the excellent work!

The more you know, the more you can get involved. If everyone does their part, we can preserve nature and enjoy a nice clean beach. Not to mention, it just feels good to do what’s right!

No littering at the beach in Alabama

The beautiful coastline at the Pavilion, our Gulf Shores sunset photo location.

Beach Shutters Photography cannot wait to see you at our beautiful, clean beaches this year! Thank you for considering us your local photographers in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and Perdido Key.