Light and Airy Photos

Are you looking for a photographer that produces light and airy photos? Hi! We are Beach Shutters Photography in Orange Beach, Alabama. We serve the Alabama coast, including Gulf Shores, Fort Morgan, and Perdido Key, Florida.

bright family photos at the beach

Ellie wanted a photo in front of the water with the whole family.

We are keeping it Light!

Bright, Light, and Exposure Up, that is how we roll. Fewer shadows and more brightness are what you get from a BSP edit. We love the look, feel, and mood that a few adjustments can bring to a family beach portrait.

family photographers in Gulf Shores Alabama

A Light and Airy photo of the kids was a must!

Light can change the mood!

Have you ever walked out of a dark room into the sunshiny outdoors and immediately felt better? That is the same effect that we strive for when editing our photos.

edited photos taken in Gulf Shores

A little darker to show off the sunset and add a mood to our couple shot.

Brightening your photos is just like brightening your mood!

It is an old trick of the trade, up the exposure. Wait, that will cause you to lose color. Yes, it will! Trey and I have learned how to manage our beach photo edits differently from any other editing process by trial and error.

Meet Ellie!

Here she is with her beautiful family vacationing in Orange Beach, Alabama. Ellie had a few specific requests, including the mother-daughter twirl. I love it! Ellie also wanted the traditional, ever so classic walking away from beach pic. She was done & Done, right!

family beach photographers light and airy style photos

The classic walking towards the sunset. It never gets old! New sunset, new family, same feel!

Her twirling photo especially needed to be one of the light and airy photos.

Any other edit would not suit the mood. This whole batch of family beach portraits could benefit from some extra exposure, added brightness, and saturation to brighten the airy feel. You develop a style when you have been a photographer in Orange Beach as long as we have.

Light and Airy Photos in Orange Beach

Light and Airy, Bright and Beautiful photographers in Alabama.

Our style is light and airy photos with a touch of extra color.

Yes, we evolved and didn’t start with this exact formula for edits. I am sure we will continue to learn, grow, and change with the trends and styles along the way. Check back in 5 years, and we may have a different editing process.

Beach Shutters Photography would love to be your local family photographer in Orange Beach!