Local Photographer

It may not seem like it at first glance, but choosing a local photographer is one of the most important decisions to make when moving to a new city.  Why? Because these are your memories, and you want them to serve as a  lifelong reminder of your family times together.

They grow up so fast!

Years from now, even decades in the future, you will still be looking back through photographs and remembering the love you shared with each other.  A good local photographer can capture your family at it’s best.

Hiring a photographer can sometimes be challenging.

There is lots of competition.  I would recommend looking through several local photographers portfolios to see which one matches your style.  Are you looking for fun, candid photos?  Or do you like a more formal portrait?  At Beach Shutters Photography we listen to the client before we get started, so we get the exact look you are after.

Are you comfortable with each other?

If you and your photographer mesh, it will show in the final photos.   As a local photographer, I realize that it is very important to make our clients feel comfortable and at ease.  It usually only takes a kind word or a cheerful introduction to have everyone (including the kids & grandpa) on the same team.

We can be Flexible!

In this particular photo shoot, Elizabeth wanted to make photo day fit into her busy teen’s itinerary.  With 3 busy schedules to work around, she decided it would be easier to take photos at her home.  This was no problem for me, and it only took 30 minutes out of their day.

Thanks for taking a moment to read my blog about choosing a local photographer in Orange Beach Alabama.  I hope that after checking out our portfolio, you will choose Beach Shutters for your photography needs!

local photographer Orange Beach

You are my favorite Twin!

local photographer in Orange Beach

In the backyard