Local Senior Photos

Oh, how I enjoy taking local senior photos. In this small-knit community, it is rare to find a family that we don’t know. Watching the kiddos grow up, leave for college, and become successful adults makes me so proud!

Beach Shutters Photography

I love the yellow sunset!

My friend Melissa.

Lots of you probably know Melissa. Her son passed away at the age of 5 while going through treatment for Leukemia. Melissa has raised money for his charities for years. She has funded scholarships and cancer research through benefits and golf tournaments, all in Jensen’s name.

She had to take a break recently. You see, Melissa has been battling cancer herself for the past year and has been very public about her journey. Posting on Facebook for all to follow her progress has been her way of sharing and keeping her friends up to date. There have been ups and downs. Her treatments have taken her to MD Anderson and back. Through it all, she has maintained her sweet spirit and has been a blessing to the community.

Senior portraits in Alabama.

Melissa & Megan were so supportive of Rae! I was touched to watch the three ladies interact.

Rae is graduating this year!

When her stepdaughter needed senior portraits, Melissa made all of the arrangements. Even though she was going through another round of chemo, this sweet lady continued to look after her family and keep life as normal as possible. We can all learn a lesson from my friend. Whenever I feel that I am having a bad day, I think of all she has been through.

Gulf Shores High School photography

Auburn bound!

Megan met us at the beach.

Rae’s mom, Megan, met us at the beach on her way home from work. I was so touched to see a mom and stepmom work together to assist their sweet girl in changing outfits and cheer her on for photos. The three of them giggled and enjoyed each other’s company. They even stayed after sunset to finish their conversation. Again, can’t we all learn a lesson here? It takes a village, and I am so happy to live in this little beachy village.

Orange Beach Photography


Local Senior Photos are rewarding in so many ways.

Each session has its own sweet story, just like Rae’s. Thank you to everyone in town who has trusted Beach Shutters to capture your big & small moments. We love what we do and appreciate the support of our community!